The head of Google's Board of Directors believes that the days of the Internet are numbered - Cell phones

The head of the Board of Directors of Google, Eric Schmidt believes that the Internet in the form in which It exists at present, will soon disappear. He told about it in one of the discussions at the world economic forum in Davos.When Schmidt was asked about the future of the global network, he said: "the Internet will disappear. Will be so many ip addresses, so many devices, sensors, things you wear, the things with which you interact, you will cease this even to feel".He added that because of the emergence of mobile applications for smartphones have been many powerful technical platform, we changed the order of dominance, reports TASS." Put forward a whole new cohort of enhancing the power of smartphones, which, really, is not that other, as supercomputers," said Schmidt.- at the moment I see this market as a completely open".In the same discussion, Eric Schmidt spoke about his recent trip to the DPRK. He said that there is a lack of exit points to the world wide web, but there is no roaming. He also confirmed that the use of the Internet in North Korea is tightly controlled..

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