Microsoft is preparing to introduce a new OS for mobile devices - Cell phones

Microsoft will release a test version of its new mobile operating system before the end of January, writes The Verge citing their sources. The manufacturer of the most popular in the world of the operating system for your PC, Windows, still hopes to make a viable alternative to Android and iOS.Informants told the paper that is on view January 21 Authorized Microsoft for the first time will show how it will look and work the mobile version of Windows 10. Comparing with Windows Phone 8. 1 expected changes in the user interface - it will try to bring in terms of appearance and functionality to the Windows desktop 10 and the interface of the Xbox One.Most likely, you would get something between Windows RT and Windows Phone to work the mobile version of "ten" is intended Not only on smartphones, but also tablets. Applications will be versatile, adapting themselves to the currently used device. It is also possible that on January 21, Microsoft will show and own a new browser codenamed Spartan, designed to replace Internet Explorer.Probably soon after the presentation next week preliminary version of the new Windows mobile can be installed on certain devices with Windows Phone. At least in shop Windows applications on holidays arose program Phone Insider, through which implemented the installation of the update. Now have access to only Employees of Microsoft, however, after submission to invite to testing have an opportunity and any who asked. First with the desktop version of Windows 10 was exactly..

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