Update Unicode conquer racism in Emoji emoticons - Cell phones

The Emoji emoticons are used in smartphones worldwide by people of different nationalities. However, all the characters of the set of funny faces are light-skinned. Changes in the world Unicode standard are required to rectify this situation."Unicode" is one of the most major world standards, which standardizes the coding practice of any characters - letters from different alphabets, characters and mathematical symbols to the same emoticons. The development of the standard began in 1991, and in 2010 included in Unicode gained fame around the world Emoji.Now the same set of emoticons are waiting for a big change. The management of "Unicode" believes that in the current moment Emoji do not reflect the diversity of people around the world. The fact that these emoticons were created on the Japanese Islands - live in this country, in practice, only the "white" population, so that developers, apparently, is not thought necessary to include "blacks" emoticons.First of sets Emoji already been updated to make them more tolerant. For example, in 2012, Apple has added to his collection of Emoji emoticons, which were depicted same-sex couples vlublennyh. Now, however, put much more time-consuming task is to provide the ability to change skin color To each of the already existing "faces". To implement this in reality has merged the best IT companies, including Apple and Google.The emoticons are required to provide not only the "black" option, and five transitional tones colors, gradually darkening from white to completely black. Anyway, simplified black/white version of emoticons to be used on devices with monochrome displays.On iOS and Android smartphones to implement the choice of colour suggest using a long tap on the smiley. On the emoticons, which depicts several people, you should be able to choose the skin color for each of the characters. Improve Emoji must appear in conjunction with the release of the eighth versions of the Unicode standard, which will be held in mid-2015..

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