"Smart" tattoo unlocks the smartphone - Cell phones

If you are worried about the lack of danger of personal data in the mobile phone, but do not like to remember the unlock codes, the ideal option for you may be "smart" tattoo working on NFC technology.The unusual life was represented by the Firm VivaInk in collaboration with Motorola. Still, the novelty is only compatible with the Motorola Moto X. Tattoo, despite its name, is more of a sticker, which is tightly attached to the skin. She is not afraid of water, so it is possible to bathe or swim. To unlock your smartphone, you can simply leaning it to the place that the pasted unusual Electronic device.As material for tattoo used a thin layer of copper. A device the size of a coin lasts about five days. A set of ten tattoos retails for $ 10. In blizhajshee time the developers promise to significantly make a wider number of supported Android smartphones, to cover all the popular models.Remember that Motorola very likes to experiment with "smart" tattoo. In 2012 belonged then Google the Company filed a petition for a patent, which describes a wireless microphone caused on the neck of the person in the form of tattoos.Also Motorola has already been proposed to apply the tattoo in the form of passwords. In may last year she gave an illustration that if you bring it to the built-in camera of a smartphone will be able to unlock the device. At the same time, the Company introduced another interesting development - prototype tablet with a microchip, which is activated under the influence of gastric juice. After swallowing the electronic key, the person starts to give the smartphone 18-bit signal, which can replace the login, password, or other data. So, the whole body becomes the password. To open the door enough for him to touch pen, or sit in a chair to start the vehicle..

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