Mozilla will be allowed to play computer games right in your browser - Cell phones

Most gamers know the service outlet's collections Humble Bundle, acting on the system "pay as you want". Game collection, and previously, most often, were multiplatform, but the new collection, made from eight games, it will be possible to run directly in the browser.Part of the collection includes games like Osmos, Voxatron, Dustforce, FTL, Zen Bound 2, Aaaa for the awesome. To make these games fully work in the browser, Humble has done a great job in cooperation with the firm Mozilla (Firefox developer) using technologies such as WebGL and asm. Js. Users do not need to download Steam or install special plug-ins - just go to a game page using Firefox or Chrome and click on the "Play" button.The co-founder of Humble John Graham said that porting games to run in a browser requires a lot of work." I'm not willing to say that we customize all of our collections for work in the browser for one night, but we had expressed interest in the development of this area. This is not a one-time experience for us. In Steam there are a hundred million users Is very little. On earth lives of 7 billion people, of which 2 billion have access to fast Internet. If Steam is used for hardcore gamers, with the help of browser we will be able to reach not more than billion of enthusiastic people who simply do not wish to install additional software", he added..

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