The new Broadcom chip will bring smartphones to Gigabit Wi-Fi Cell phones

The firm Broadcom has announced a new wireless chipset (BC4358), which will provide the speed of data transmission between the phone and router Wi-Fi up to 650 megabits per second. However, such a high throughput is possible only if you have a compatible router."High-speed routers on the market already. Moreover, some of them have support for standard 802. 11ac that gives you the ability to connect to Gigabit Wi-Fi. Chips in mobile devices such speeds until not reached, but the Broadcom chip is a step in this direction.In addition to the connection at the level of 650 Mbps, BC4358 there are two other features. The first is support for 2x2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output - multiple input multiple output, implying up to 2 simultaneous streams and antennas to send and receive data streams. This means that the smartphone or tablet will be able to receive data at the same time from 2 antennas on the router. The vast number of mobile devices using only one antenna, which limits their bandwidth.The second feature BC4358 is the simultaneous transmission of data and Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The Broadcom chip of the first generation of such a function was not.It is expected that the manufacturers will begin to install BC4358 in their products starting from this month..

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