An alternative to the Turing test will assess the imagination computers - Cell phones

Associate Professor Georgia Institute of Technology in USA mark ridge made the initiative alternative to the Turing test, which tries to find out whether the computer can think. If the test formulated by scientist Alan Turing in 1950, was assumed to be regular dialogue between man and machine to identify the latest intelligence, the idea of the ridge consists of checking for the presence of creative abilities.Ridge called own system Lovelace 2. 0. Under test, for example, people may ask the testing program or the computer to invent a story in which the child falls in love with a girl, the aliens kidnap the boy and the girl saves the world using the talking cat". it is expected that people will be able to easily develop such a plot, and artificial intelligence, he is stumped.In addition, the machine can be given any other job on the reasonableness relating to the art - for example, ask them to draw a picture, subject to compliance with certain requirements. They are required to be non-standard, so the program could not find a template or a solution in Google.For comparison, in order to pass the Turing test, the computer enough to convince the examiner that he is talking with another person..

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