Startup Plastc will replace all credit cards are one - Cell phones

Next summer will begin delivery Plastc - digital map, which stores data on Bank credit cards, passes, loyalty cards in one place. To synchronize with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Plastc gives you the ability to switch between 20 different cards and barcodes using the touchscreen on the basis of "electronic ink".In addition, the "magic" card supports NFC (like the iPhone 6 hours and Apple Watch), built-in EMV chip card readers last generation, as well as RFID tag for use Plastc, for example, in the form of a badge in the office.Charge card is right in the wallet, if you put it on a special "Mat". in offline mode it will live up to 30 days. The founding team members assure that the use of Plastc absolutely safe. For this adopted activities such as a PIN code on the display or adding to memory only cards that display the name of owner.In case of loss of the device it will be possible to remotely wipe all data. Before making payment on the screen you can see the rest on this or another map. To pre-order Plastc sold for 155 dollars. Supplies required to begin next summer..

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