Bill gates is working with Microsoft on a new secret project - Cell phones

The former head of Microsoft and one of obespecheniya citizens of the planet, bill gates, returns to active work at Microsoft. He participates in the project, codenamed "Personal agent".About it, gates said during a session of questions and answers on the Internet representation of Reddit." One of the projects that I'm working with Microsoft, it is a "Personal agent". He will remember everything and will help you to go back and discover something that will help you choose things that you should pay attention, a few vaguely said the Founder and former head of Microsoft.- When you first find the app, open it, and each of them tries to tell you what it is, it is not an effective model, and "agent" will help to solve the problem".Based on the described functionality, implement the development gates will be possible in voice assistant Cortana, which, remember, will be built into the new version of Microsoft OSes, Windows 10. At this link, by the way, you can read about it all that is known today. According to gates, his "agent" will be cross-platform compatible Not only with Windows, but with iOS, and Android. It is possible that he will be closely associated with Microsoft Office..

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