The founder of Google Glass went in Amazon Cell phones

Google suddenly left Babak Parviz - Founder and chief ambitious project lab, Google X, which then led to the emergence of "smart" glasses Glass. About this he said on his page on the social network Google , adding that goes to Amazon.According to the scientist Iranian-American origin, he can't wait to start working in the Amazon, and he is "very excited" on this issue. Anyway, Parviz not revealed what responsibilities will be fixed on it.In may of this year, he left the post of head of the Google Glass, giving this position ivy Ross. Until recently, scientist, being a Google employee, was involved in the development of "smart" contact lens with a tiny wireless chip and a sensor that can measure glucose levels in tears its carrier. In January, the announcement of the project, Parviz said created under him smart lens has successfully passed several clinical trials.The experience of the Parvis in such areas as worn electronics, optics and augmented reality, will be useful Amazon with improved Fire smartphone Phone. This "tube", remember, has a 3D interface, which can be controlled by tilting the device in hand. The innovation system is handled by four cameras with a 120-degree field of view and a few sensors..

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