Lenovo will release a fitness tracker like the Fitbit device - Cell phones

The world's largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo, wining a significant part of the market of smartphones and tablet computers began and wear of the apparatus. On the Internet organization has any information about the fitness bracelet Lenovo Smartband SW-B100.Focusing on the photo, the device name matching with the same product the Japanese Sony, looks like a fitness gadgets American Fitbit. The description says that the Smartband is intended for young men who care about their health and are interested in new technological products.The electronic device provides the ability to track physical activity, heart rate, and to monitor the duration and quality of sleep - data is synchronized with the application on the mobile phone. In addition, the integrated display shows the time, notifications about incoming calls (including the number or name of the subscriber), as well as SMS. Finally, the bracelet has an automatic lock/unlock compatible PC (obviously, production Lenovo, or with installed special SOFTWARE) without a password input device, apparently responds to the bracelet within the range of Bluetooth..

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