Samsung has introduced the thinnest laptop and the piece with the curved-screen - Cell phones

At the beginning of the exposition of consumer electronics CES 2015 Samsung announced the release of 2 new computers, each of which is unique. ATIV Book 9 is the ultra-slim fanless laptop with vysokochetkoe the screen, and the ATIV One 7 all - in-one with a curved screen.ATIV Book 9 (2015)ATIV Book 9 with the largest thickness in 1, 14 cm is the thinnest laptop ever produced by the Korean company. In a sense, Samsung has decided to anticipate the output known only as long as the rumored MacBook Air with Retina display from Apple. ATIV Book 9 laptop with 12, 2-inch ultra-high resolution 2, 560 x 1, 440 points. The screen is not touch, on the contrary in the special regime of high brightness (up to 700 nits) can without question be used even in the sun.Working new latest chip Intel Core M Broadwell architecture that does not require fan cooling. If you do not set the display brightness to the maximum, the computer is able to consider from one battery to 10, 5 hours in economy mode, in which stop all system processes except the most necessary - up to 12 hours.For a model with 4 GB of RAM and a built-in SSD storage media 128 GB in USA 1200 dollars, and for the configuration of 8 GB/256 GB - 1400 dollars.ATIV One 7Monoblock Samsung ATIV One 7 is the first ever desktop computer all-in-one with a curved screen. Before such displays appeared in monitors and TVs Samsung. However, in addition to a unique display boasting a computer most have nothing before us standard home machine with an Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM and a terabyte mechanical hard drive rotation speed 5400 rpmScreen with a diagonal of 27 inches has a resolution of Full HD, besides the matrix technology TN, not IPS. The phone's sales in the U.S. will start in the first quarter of 2015 at a price of $ 1300..

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