Skype appeared translator for voice calls - Cell phones

Microsoft has launched a test version of the new Skype Translator. He brings to reality the dream of a lot of science fiction - with a new program users are able to communicate with each other in real time, hearing the automatic translation of speech to one another.Skype Translator currently works only on Windows 8. 1 and available only to those who zaregistrovala for the test. It is only available translation between English and Spanish, but soon there will be also support for German. In Microsoft plans include support Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and 2 main dialects of Chinese.Microsoft emphasizes that Skype Translator perceives all spoken words in a broader context. So, the more detailed proposals communicate with users, the more accurate the result is a translation. To ensure that the technology embodied in reality, the Company has for several years been analyzing large amounts of language data.Correspondents emphasize that even a test version of Skype Translator works very accurately, allowing you to communicate. The system understands about 90% of the words, is incorrectly translated pieces often clear from the context..

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