Apple has teamed up with IBM to promote iPhone and iPad in corporations - Cell phones

Apple has teamed up with former arch-rival, IBM for the sake of mutual attacks on the corporate market. To convince business users to switch to iPhone and iPad must be supplied Together with gadgets IBM software solutions in the field of security, big data and Analytics. The agreement was signed by the head of Apple, Tim cook and Ginny, Rometty, the CEO of IBM.Within IBM, for example, to sell to corporate customers iPhone and iPad with pre-installed business software developed in cooperation with Apple. The first applications of this kind will occur this fall, and in 2015 year will be even bigger. Just planned to develop about a hundred applications, and among them solutions for security analysis corporate data, and remote control devices.The organization promises to corporate consumers " a new category of business applications designed to increase the effectiveness of mobile work in most industries, including retail, healthcare, financial services, travel, telecommunications and insurance. All SOFTWARE developed in the framework of the proposal is to use cloud infrastructure IBM.In addition, Apple announced plans to introduce a new type of extended warranties and after-sales service devices Apple Care for Enterprise, implying a full-time support for IT departments of corporations and users.Remember, IBM in the first part of the eighties was a sworn rival Apple organization on the emerging market of personal computers and in the eyes of the then head of Apple, Steve jobs, was an almost evil Empire. In the legendary commercial Macintosh-style dystopia of George Orwell's "big brother" is what IBM. On some of the most recently published archival photo jobs expresses his attitude to the Corporation is very clear:In an interview to the edition Re/code, the CEO of Apple Tim cook explained that forced him to join forces with a former competitor. Apple all the time focused primarily on consumer devices and has as much understanding of the needs and demands of corporate customers as IBM. According to Tim cook, IBM with its corporate, "cloud" and analysis of "big data", and Apple with its easy to use sophisticated devices perfectly fit together the pieces of the puzzle." We in no way compete. And when this is the case, the result [of cooperation] will be better than any of us could produce separately", he explained..

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