The modular smartphones from Google has a new competitor - Cell phones

The first "modular" smartphones from Google code-named Project Ara will be available in the upcoming months. At the same time, the Finnish Firm Circular Devices decided to join the race for a new market segment, presenting his own project Puzzlephone.The device is designed so that its components can easily be repaired And replaced by more powerful ones. Puzzlephone consists of three modules. the 1st consists of a display, speakers, And frame. The second battery And additional electronic components. And finally, the third is the processor And camera.Once bought Puzzlephone, the user will have the ability to simply replace defective parts or to improve them more powerful modules without buying a whole new phone every year or two. The kit Puzzlephone may vary according to the needs of a specific user - for example, it will be possible to increase the amount of battery, add fitness sensors or camera great quality.Third-party manufacturers will be able besprepjatstvenno to develop components for Puzzlephone. To work the phone would be on place-based Android. To market a new Electronic device is obliged in 2015. The cost is still unknown.A single modular smartphone is still on sale did not work, however, a New market has already turned serious competition. As long as the whole world waits for the release of Project Ara from Google, young startups trying to make their own decision. So, Finnish Vsenn founded by immigrants from Nokia, prepare premium modular smartphone. A new Electronic device Firm analyzed in 590 dollars..

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