Mysterious investor saved the photo-sharing site Twitpic from closed - Cell phones

Sensational photo-sharing site Twitpic reversed its closure. The service has found a buyer, but does not reveal who it is. Recall that the Firm was supposed to close on September 25. In Twitpic promise to reveal inforamtsiyu about the deal later, explaining that at the present time for false reasons are not able to disclose it.For a long time Twitpic was the most popular method to upload images to Twitter. The microblogging service was launched back in 2006, and the ability to upload photos has been added by the developers only in 2011. Since Twitter began to fight with third-party services.In 2012, support for third-party photo sharing was disabled, but Twitpic continued to be actively used in the unofficial app for Twitter. For example, support for file hosting for photos integrated in a comfortable third-party client Tweetdeck. Most users believe Twitpic more convenient way of working with images than the "native" resolution Twitter.Recently the administration Twitpic announced the upcoming closure of the service." A few weeks ago Authorized Twitter contacted us, demanding to withdraw our brand, threatening that otherwise we will lose access to the API. It was a shock service Twitpic has existed since 2008, and the message for trademark registration was filed back in 2009".The danger of deprivation Twitpic API access means that the service will not be able to communicate with the servers of Twitter - that is, becomes useless. Anyway, not literally see why Twitpic cannot simply change the name to defend accusations by Twitter. It should be noted that, nonetheless, on the basis of the word "Tweet" is being built, the name of the vast majority of third-party applications that work with Twitter why complaints from Twitter only came to Twitpic, it is also not clear..

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