Apple has started the production of the iPad with no specking screens such as Cell phones

Will soon be a year since the release of the latest versions of the iPad tablet - 9, 7-inch iPad Air and 7, 9-inch iPad mini with Retina display, and it means, not far from the update. According to Bloomberg, the production of "Apple" tablet PC of the new generation has already begun.As the Agency reports referring to the suppliers of Apple, looming large and small version of the iPad will get the displays produced by the new technology, with superior anti-reflective properties. It is required to allow convenient use of the device even in bright sunlight, when the screens of most other gadgets "going blind".However, there will be new products on sale not at the same time, the first to buy it will be possible updated iPad Air, and after a couple of months - his "younger brother" with super fine screen. Remember, the current model of tablets Apple were announced on October 22, 2013, while sales started on November 1.Before Apple has a difficult task to increase sales of its tablet computers in the last period of time has almost stopped growing. The reason for the stagnation - all of whom iPad was useful and interesting, already bought them, but at the same time be renewed every year or two in the fresh model, as in the case with smartphones, not in a hurry.From previously published media leaks, including pictures as if these buildings future iPad, it is known that the device will be thinner than the previous model. In addition, the tablet is likely to equip with a built-in home button with fingerprint reader, like the iPhone 5s. The device will also get more powerful 64-bit processor A8. The appearance of the gadgets not undergo striking changes.If you are only going to buy the Apple tablet, is familiar with our material "As not regret the purchase of iPad: 7 tips"..

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