Broken record speed data transmission over fiber - Cell phones

Scientists from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has set a new world record transfer via fiber optic cable. The maximum recorded speed was 43 of terabits per second. This is faster than 32 Tbps received German scientists from the Technical University Karlsruhe.Before those Danes reached the world's largest speed combined data - 1 petabit per second, using hundreds of lasers. However, the new height was taken with just a single laser transmitter, which is much more energy efficient.In DTU took advantage of a new type of fiber, created the Japanese telecommunications company NTT. It contains 7 glass fibre through which light passes, and not one, as usual fiber. With a greater number of cores does not affect the thickness of the wire.A new record was confirmed at the international conference lasers and electro-optics CLEO 2014, held in San Jose (California, USA) in the past month. Researchers expect that the desire for faster communication rates will increase throughput and reduce energy consumption..

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