Twitter will introduce its own search engine and group chats - Cell phones

The microblogging service Twitter is preparing for a major update. Recently the developers rewrote the registration procedure, and in the near future on the Internet representation have the opportunity to receive group chats and advanced internal search.About the future novovvedenij told the financial Director tweeted Anthony Noto, the Symposium Citi Global Technology. Noto said that service in the near future must become more social. Microblogger will be able to group chats, the content of which will be seen only invited "twittername".Remember that currently, users are able to send each other personal messages will not be visible to anyone except the recipient. But collective discussion occur in the form of exchange of " replay and clog the tape is not interested in Topeka users.My account on Twitter is quite popular. Imagine I wrote something about a football game, and some of my colleagues replied to a tweet. I only wished that the ensuing conversation had seen plenty of users worldwide," said Noto.He also said that the search on Twitter will be given considerable attention. How exactly will change algorithms, Noto said. However, he explained that the internal search engine has to issue more relevant data on topics of interest..

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