The Japanese made a phone heart-shaped - Cell phones

The Japanese Firm Ymobile announced fancy phone in the shape of a heart, that can only make calls. Neither the ability to send SMS, No camera, Bluetooth, email and browser the model Heart 301AB not provided, but as the screen is tiny, monochrome, 0, 9-inch screen (K points).Sale of "heart" phone will not have time to start Valentine's Day: it will be released in March. The eccentric device will be available in 2 colors: black and red, and likewise in specialii with symbols from the anime Sailor moon. Weighs device 54 grams. His b/W display only the necessary information: time, battery level, power of the reception signal.The novelty was conceived as a complement to the main phone - apparently, only to receive calls from loved ones. The company offers a smartphone app, which allows you to move your address book to Heart 301AB.Charging Heart 301AB also made in the form factor of the heart..

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