Apple will cancel the " law of sandwich for iPhone - Cell phones

Fresh iPhones were unprecedented expensive (at least for Russians). It is very a pity to drop and break your own expensive Electronic device, display replacement will cost a pretty penny. However, focusing on patents, Apple wants to make the fall more secure for the future iPhone.In caught in the hands of the correspondents of the patent, Apple describes the operation of the detection system fall. The phone determines using the accelerometer that is in a state of decline. Having determined that it dropped, the smartphone must "shift" in the air, to fall by the edge or on the back cover. Drop the screen down must be excluded.Apple offers several ways to resolve the issue. The company intends to use the built-in iPhone vibro-motor, shifting him in the center of gravity. It must be activated at the right time, to adjust the drop of the device. Features and additional prevention method - if 3, 5 mm audio Jack iPhone headphones inserted, the fall is a special mechanism locks the plug, not allowing him to fly from your phone. So iPhone will hang on headphones, with a high probability before reaching the floor.Similarly in the patent describes additional security methods, which are unlikely to be fulfilled in the iPhone in reality, but rather "Stolbtsy" just in case. So, for example, describes the mechanism of "ejection" of the battery that is required to turn an Electronic device (removable battery iPhone has never been and probably never will be) or, for example, a variant with a built-in iPhone jet engine and a small amount of fuel, which obliged ravnovesie phone in case of a fall thrust.Apple are going to have an anonymous statistics about the fall of devices, which should help to improve the design of the next generation iPhone, making them more impact resistant..

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