The Dutchman was implanted into the hands of the NFC-chip - Cell phones

Dutch entrepreneur Martin Wasmeier survived the surgery for implanting in brush both hands chip-enabled contactless Near Field Communication (NFC). Enthusiast decided to take this step for secure payments using the "cryptanalytic" Bitcoin.Two tiny glass capsule (2x12 mm) with built-in NFC Type 2 compatible RFID chip NTRAG216 were implanted into the fleshy part of the hand between thumb and forefinger. So, in one hand "biohacker" is stored contact information (it can be overwritten) to his e-wallet, which can be scanned using any NFC-enabled smartphone, the other with the encrypted secret key to access bitcoin".Wismayer is the head of the Amsterdam organization Mr. Bitcoin, which is engaged in the installation of Bitcoin ATMs in the Netherlands and Belgium. According to entrepreneur, he has often load machines "bitline", for this reason he decided to implant NFC chip into your own hands to reduce risks when transferring virtual money."In order to transfer funds into our network, we have to scan our labels, including my hand, which is part of the encrypted secret key, and only then the phone will be able to put money on ' hot' purse," said Wismayer. In the future enthusiast plans to replace the door locks in your own home NFC tags, So they could only open it..

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