The US intelligence community spying on millions of machines - Cell phones

The U.S. justice Department has built a database, which tracks the movement of cars across the country, informs the wall Street Journal. It is "intelligent" computer program that analyzes records with million surveillance cameras.The main purpose of the project is to track the movements of American citizens on the car was the fight against drug trafficking, but this system was also used to track vehicles, people suspected in the most various crimes from kidnappings to poaching.While the U.S. government kept tracking system in secret. Authorized authorities said only that they began tracking vehicles crossing the border of Mexico to fight drug trafficking. However, about the fact that for many years worked on the creation of interactive automatic database, working throughout the country, until recently, no one had suspected.The existence of such a database already caused outrage among the American public organizations and ordinary drivers who consider it to be controversial from the standpoint of ensuring the privacy of personal life. Data about the project's existence came in the press interview, former government officials and documents, published by the American civil liberties Union".Authorized the Department of Justice emphasize that the existence of such a system is not contrary to the laws of the United States." All have long known that the Justice Department uses a program for reading out the numbers in order with high efficiency to arrest the criminals and stop the flow of drug trafficking," said the Commissioner of the Department..

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