Apple will pay $ 450 million for colluding with book publishers - Cell phones

The Apple company can lose $ 450 million dollars for violating the Antimonopoly law. The court of first instance found the firm guilty of collusion with the largest book publishers in the country. According to the authorized charges, the Company agreed with businessmen about fixing the price of e-books, informs Time.The scandal surrounding Apple and publishers Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Penguin and Macmillan broke out in April 2012. Then the U.S. justice Department has charged companies accusations of collusion. The proceedings lasted almost two years.Authorized Apple told me that they did not consider themselves guilty of violating the law, however, has tentatively agreed to pay $ 450 million fine. If this operation and the truth will be, 400 million of this amount will go to pay compensation deceived users of the online store Apple, and 50 million - lawyers organization.However, correspondents suggest that Apple is so easy agreed to obey the order of the authorities, because he hoped to win in the court of appeal. There is a good chance that the re-consideration of this case, the value of the penalty will be reduced to $ 70 million or it will cancel.Interestingly, even if Apple will pay the full amount of the fine at $ 450 million, it will be only 1% of the revenue of the organization during the past fiscal year..

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