Buyers 35-dollar Raspberry Pi 2 will receive 10 free Windows Mobile phones

The firm Raspberry Pi Foundation has released the second generation of "microcomputer" Raspberry Pi, consisting of a single Board. Is a mini-PC is the same as the previous model (B), is $ 35, but his performance was increased at least 6 times".According to the head of the organization of Eben Upton, based on single-Board PC is the processor Broadcom BCM2836 with Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 (clock frequency of 900 MHz), which has been developed over 2 years. RAM was doubled to 1 GB.Ultrashiny computer supports OpenGL ES 2. 0 and is able to display video in Full HD at 30 frames per second. Equipped with a Raspberry Pi 2 four USB ports, HDMI and 3, 5-millimeter audio input."Naked" PC comes in the form of payment, the corps had not. External device such as a mouse or keyboard connected through the USB port. The size of the computer is little more than a deck of playing cards.Microsoft managed to declare That buyers mini PC will receive a free license for the Windows version 10, which supports Raspberry Pi 2". because this version of the operating system, not reported, but it is likely to be reduced in comparison with a full "ten". Details of the Company promised to announce over the coming months.Sale Pi 2 has already been started. Enthusiasts with a modest budget is still available 20-dollar model A Pi , released at the end of last year. Model A has the BCM2835 processor and 256 MB of RAM, but it is much smaller (65 millimeters in length versus 86 mm Model A) and consumes less energy..

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