In Catalonia want to introduce a ban on AirBNB - Cell phones

To spend a holiday in rented from local residents of a residential area in Barcelona or resort towns on the Costa Brava or Costa Dorada soon, maybe it will become much harder. The authorities of the Spanish province of Catalonia took up arms against the most popular tools for such rent - Airbnb.Yesterday the American organization frightened by a fine in the amount of 30,000 euros, if during the month, she will not cease to disturb the Catalan laws. In addition, the authorities stated that they consider ways to prevent local residents to put their homes on airbnb. Com, including blocking access to the site. Catalonia is the leader among Spanish regions by the number of visiting foreign tourists in 2013, the region was visited by fifteen, 6 million people.Legally adopted in 2012, each apartment or house rented to tourists, must be duly registered in the Travel registry of Catalonia, which is maintained by the Ministry of tourism. Now in this province of Spain rent housing tourists through Airbnb about 4 000 people.Authorized booming worldwide service said that Airbnb will carefully examine the decision of the Catalan government and then we will see different options of a legal nature. In a prepared Airbnb first study indicated a positive impact of the service on the economy of Catalonia. Analysis specialists, since the opening of the special section on Catalonia in April 2013 due to Airbnb in Barcelona was created 4,000 jobs, and the total revenue of the landlords amounted to 128 million euros..

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