HTC does not have time to update One M7 and M8 to Lollipop - Cell phones

The company HTC, which first formally committed to update its flagship smartphone HTC M7 and M8 to the latest version of the Android operating system 5. 0 (Lollipop), does not fit in 90 days. Product Manager for the American market Mo Version recognized that the Taiwanese manufacturer has no time promised to "deadline", which is due to expire on 1 February.Version said that HTC was faced with some difficulties", referring to fixes that Google has made in Lollipop from the time of release, as well as long certification and testing operators. So, updated to today remain only "special" One M8: Google Play, Unlocked and Developer Edition. When still wait for the update, organization not stated.At the end of last year, informed sources at HTC told me that the One Mini, One Mini 2, One Max and HTC Butterfly 2 will be updated to the 5th Android in the period from January until March 2015. Now, Perhaps time for these products will also be shifted..

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