The application Yeehay will introduce drivers in traffic, Cell phones

Different social networks in the world there is a great variety. Anyway, the developers still manage to find the original concept for facilitating communication. For example, Yeehay is a social network for drivers, which makes it possible to always know who is coming with you next.Yeehay - this is the app for iOS or Android. With it, developers cherish the hope to make the process of driving more personalized to increase driver responsibility for their actions. Social network is a valuable source of up to date information about everything that happens on the road - accident, police offices, tube and so on.Users have the ability to put a kind of status that move Together with them. Using GPS service tracks the location of the machine. Читать полностью -->

The new Broadcom chip will bring smartphones to Gigabit Wi-Fi Cell phones

The firm Broadcom has announced a new wireless chipset (BC4358), which will provide the speed of data transmission between the phone and router Wi-Fi up to 650 megabits per second. However, such a high throughput is possible only if you have a compatible router."High-speed routers on the market already. Moreover, some of them have support for standard 802. 11ac that gives you the ability to connect to Gigabit Wi-Fi. Chips in mobile devices such speeds until not reached, but the Broadcom chip is a step in this direction.In addition to the connection at the level of 650 Mbps, BC4358 there are two other features. The first is support for 2x2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output - multiple input multiple output, implying up to 2 simultaneous streams and antennas to send and receive data streams. Читать полностью -->

Samsung bought a platform for "smart" home - Cell phones

The company Samsung has acquired SmartThings developer systems for home automation. The acquisition cost amounted to about 200 million dollars, informs TechCrunch citing an informed source. Another informant blog said that the deal while still not closed and the dialogues continue.SmartThings is developing a platform that allows you to control from a smartphone "smart" lights, door locks and other home electronics. First, the Firm has attracted fifteen million dollars from major investors, such as Greylock, Highland Capital, First Round Capital, SV Angel, Lerer Ventures, Start Fund Yuri Milner and so onProfit from Samsung smartphone sales, according to unreliable estimates, will decrease by 22 - 26% each year. Buying a Mature platform for "smart home", the Company will immediately open a new market and distribution channel for Galaxy devices. As reported by TechCrunch, the system SmartGhings needs only proper marketing and advertising budget Samsung in excess.Apple, by comparison, took a different path. Читать полностью -->

Samsung was previously own answer iPhone 6 - Cell phones

Korean Samsung announced a new smartphone Galaxy Alpha. The model focuses not so much on the parameters as on the materials and appearance. This, along with the date of the announcement a few weeks prior to the submission of iPhone 6 gives a clear idea about how the device is designed to compete Korean novelty.In the appearance of the Galaxy Alpha manufacturer tried to combine the signature feature of their flagship smartphones (rounded corners, long and narrow chrome speaker grille, elongated mechanical home key, soft matte plastic back cover) and a generic feature of the iPhone and several other premium smartphones - metallic trim body.The goal of the designers was to make not only visually appealing and uses premium materials of the device, but one that will be able to compete with the iPhone for purses haters "shovels". for this reason, the diagonal of the screen by today's standards "compact" - 4, 7 inches. However, it is combined with unimpressive resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, technology Super AMOLED). The final density of pixels per inch presumably corresponds iPhone 5s, but the flagship Android smartphone with this diagonal and full HD appeared yet in the past year (for example, HTC One M7).In the rest of the settings Samsung Galaxy Alpha if not a record, it is more or less the flagship private samsonovskiy processor Exynos 5 (5430) with eight cores operating at a frequency of 1, 8 GHz, GPU Mali-T628 with six cores, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. Читать полностью -->

Google has hidden links to the torrent tracker - Cell phones

The company Google continues to struggle with pirated content. In recent days various torrent trackers began to complain that the biggest and most popular search engine in the world deliberately hid the link to the first page of search results.Authorized Internet representation TorrentFreak said that the previous week the traffic from Google dropped by no less than 2 times. Presumably for the same amount of dropped traffic and The Pirate Bay. Anyway, at the world's largest tracker do not lose heart." We hope that will increase the number of direct hits users," said Authorized Internet representation. There were also problems with resources for "streaming" watching pirated videos. So, the website Free TV announced the reduction of search traffic to 96 %.Google began systematically to fight Internet piracy in 2012, announcing about the fact that Now the algorithms will reduce piracy in the issue. Читать полностью -->

Vibe Z2 Pro: the new " new " from Lenovo - Cell phones

Chinese Company Lenovo, which will soon become the rightful owner of Motorola, announced a new flagship device - Vibe Z2 Pro. Tablet has a large, 6-inch super fine screen Quad HD (2560x1400), all-metal housing and a very capacious battery - 4000 mA*hIt is more than that of the other devices of the same "weight class". For comparison, the total battery Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is 3200 mA*h, and HTC One Max - 3300 mA*H. With this new Lenovo thin enough (7, 7 mm) and not very heavy (179 grams).. . . Читать полностью -->

"Google Play Music" will find songs the mood and weather - Cell phones

The company Google has integrated music service Google Play Music" a few advanced features startup Songza, bought in the summer for an unnamed sum. Advanced technologies for relevant compilation of tracks appeared in the web version of online radio, and Android/iOS apps.The update adds in "Play Music" new section - Listen Now Listen now" ), the contents of which is formed depending on what currently is going to do a user study, sleep, sports, work, and So on), what his habits, routine and mood. When making assignments technologies Songza even consider Such a context, as time of day, weather rules, the day of the week and the device. This approach enables users to discover the "multi-million dollar collection of tracks in "Play Music".Specifying the type of activity, the user has to choose one of the "stations" (essentially a playlist), which oversees a team of engineers at Google: DJs, musicians, opponents. The order of the tracks you can mix in its sole discretion, certain tracks to remove from the playlist, add to the library or to postpone for listening offline (and in a quite acceptable quality up to 320 kbit/s).Fresh opportunities, however, are only open to subscribers on All Access (Full access ) - pay addition to "Play the Music" (for $ 10 a month). Working this service only in the United States and Canada. Читать полностью -->

Instagram creates competitor Snapchat - Cell phones

Administration instagram has placed inside of its Android client a link to the new application Bolt. In the description it was said that it is for sharing photos in one tap". Pressing the button FREE (" FREE" ), however, did not lead: she typed on a blank page in the Google Play store.Apparently, instagram released an advertising banner prematurely. Download link Bolt, which appeared suddenly and was gone within fifteen minutes, I saw only a few users. Anyway, some of them managed to make screenshots and upload them to Twitter.Remember that the organization's Facebook, which owns instagram, already has its own video and fotomessaggi - Slingshot. It was conceived as a competitor to the popular app Snapchat, which allows to exchange with my pals, messages, photos and videos, which are automatically deleted after a specified time.Slingshot also appeared previously scheduled: Annex briefly appeared in the App Store, but it was soon withdrawn. Читать полностью -->

Bluetooth 4. 2 will be 2 times faster - Cell phones

The new standard Bluetooth 4. 2 will enable devices to access the world wide web directly. This may be a turning point for the spread of the concept of "Internet of things". Bluetooth 4. 2 is obliged to provide improved privacy and reduced power consumption.Non-profit organization The Bluetooth Special Interest Group said that the new standard is required to initiate a broad dissemination of the concept of "Internet of things" - smart home gadgets that will make life easier and more convenient. For example, light bulbs, thermometers, home appliances and so on will be able to communicate with each other and access the world wide web Ipv6/6LoWPAN using Bluetooth.Bluetooth 4. Читать полностью -->

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