ASUS has brought to the Russian Federation budget Intel-ZenFone smartphones - Cell phones

Company ASUS announced for the Russian market of budget smartphones from the ZenFone series at the base of Intel processors. The range consists of 3 models: ZenFone 4, 5 and 6. The digit in their name means the diagonal of the screen. To buy new items will be available from 1 August 4 - 10 thousand Rubles..The apparatus of the ZenFone series were shown in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas. They have the same "youth" appearance, materials (matte surface of the housing and protective glass Gorilla Glass 3) and soft (shell ZenUI on top of Android 4. 3). Читать полностью -->

EveryKey: smart bracelet, which will replace the keys and passwords - Cell phones

The vast number of smart bracelets tied to tracking the physical activity of users. However, many people data on the number of covered steps uninteresting. Once they created a universal key EveryKey.The bracelet Can be connected to any is equipped with a Bluetooth device, then there is no need to input password. Using EveryKey you Can unlock your phone to log in the browser, on the Internet representation and so on. You can configure the authorization to access the site will not work, even knowing the password, if in the area, no Bluetooth bracelet.Developers hope after its release, braclet will be possible to deeply integrate with other devices. For example, by setting in a private residential location, smart lock, it will be possible to unlock it without taking the keys.EveryKey supports Windows 8. Читать полностью -->

Samsung paid $200 million for technology for "smart" home - Cell phones

Samsung, faced with slowing sales of its smartphones, looking for fresh markets with great potential for improvement. Korean Corporation acquired the startup SmartThings involved in connecting everyday devices and objects to the Network.Although the amount of the contract has not been named officially, according to rumors, Samsung has paid for an American company about $ 200 million. Two years earlier SmartThings started as a modest project on the Internet representation of social investment KickStarter.The startup has made the initiative then sets that allows owners of their own to provide Network access different systems of your house - from lighting and appliances to the door and locks. After you connect to a special router to track the status of various devices and manage them through the app for iPhone or Android.The majority sees in the market for "smart" homes and "Internet of things" no less potential to improve than it was at the smartphone market about a decade ago. Remember, this year Google paid 3, $ 2 billion for Nest, a manufacturer of "smart" thermostats and smoke detectors. A Apple in June announced HomeKit platform to turn the iPhone into a remote control systems, "smart" house.Interest in the technology of "smart" homes Samsung did not emerge suddenly. Читать полностью -->

Google seriously undertook the development of artificial intelligence - Cell phones

Google has strengthened its place in the field of artificial intelligence, acquiring two English organization for the creation of a "digital mind" and agreeing on partnership with the University of Oxford. Newly acquired Google companies became Dark Blue Labs and Vision Factory.They will join the Internet search engines, working on artificial intelligence. Before this year, Google acquired for $ 400 million the company Deep Mind, which formed a research project.The organization focuses on understanding natural language, the study of visual recognition." We are very pleased to welcome these extremely talented researchers in our team Google Deep Mind, and We are very excited about the potential impact of their developments which will impact on our research," said Google.What Google is trying to do with artificial intelligence, as long as it is not clear. One thing is clear - the Company attracts big money and the best experts.. . . Читать полностью -->

Sony goes to the market "e-readers" - Cell phones

Sony has announced plans to stop production "e-reader" e-books. The last model, which she released in the fall of 2013, will remain PRS-T3." To date, we have no plans to release the successor to the model Reader," said the BBC in the press service of the organization.Before this year, Sony stopped selling e-books and began to redirect customers from North America, Europe and Australia competing in online store Kobo. Users from Japan, however, have access to the Reader Store service until now.Sony has not been able to compete in a crowded market of BookReader. In the UK, for example, the vast majority (90%) belongs to the Amazon Kindle. The Japanese company was forced to withdraw from the market not only manufacturers of tablet computers and tabletop, but also niche players such as Nook in the United States.In 2011, the world market has sold more than 23 million "e-readers". anyway, according to Gartner, by 2017, this will decrease to 10 million.. Читать полностью -->

Google Now has learned to control the weather in the home - Cell phones

Google Now for iOS and Android has received a new feature. Now users have the ability to set the temperature in the house?, equipped with Nest thermostats, using voice commands. So, Google has become a participant of the program "working with Nest".Before the owners of the Nest thermostats already could observe the temperature using voice commands, but for this they had to open a special accompanying the application.Now the user only has to open the Google app (on Android devices it is often preinstalled by the manufacturer and is activated by a gesture from the "Home" key ). Moreover, the user can simply enter a request to change the temperature in the search bar of the browser Chrome.There were also special "cards" Now that allow you to automatically adjust the temperature in the house depending on the location of the user (for example, to set the desired temperature in advance, when a person comes to the house).. . . Читать полностью -->

Pavel Durov saves Telegram from shareholders Vkontakte - Cell phones

Deprived of observations on Vkontakte and CEO, citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis Pavel Durov now seeks to protect from disgruntled shareholders of the social network of its new development - a Telegram messenger. To save project from the claims of his Fund UCP Ilya Sherbovich, team Durov laid out in the App Store a new messenger for iOS - Telegram HD.The new product contains a number of innovations compared with last renovated in March Telegram Messenger. Telegram Messenger, remember, was posted in the AppStore On behalf of the organization Telegram LLC, which is currently controlled opponents Durov. But the new Telegram HD was posted already Telegram Messenger LLP. On behalf of the same organization, by the way, laid out in the Windows Store beta messenger Telegram for "infonow", the recently registered Android application. Читать полностью -->

Google has started to expose the issue of censorship in the European Union - Cell phones

In may, the Highest court of the European Union has ordered Google on demand users to delete from the search results data, which denigrated them contains incriminating data and violates the law on privacy. The execution of the complaints, the biggest Internet search engine launched this week.About the loss of your content from Google's search results have already told English media - for example, the BBC and the guardian. Removed references to publications 2010 about Scottish football referee the Arc MacDonald, who decided not to assign a penalty in game between Celtic and Dundee United", and the story about how the French workers adorn the Windows of their offices adhesive stickers Post-It.In addition, the censorship was subjected to article 2002 of the Field Baxendale-Walker, which at first was charged with fraud, but acquitted after, and 2007 on the Stan' Neil, former head of the Bank Merril Lynch, whose actions have harmed his organization. To file a complaint (it is enough to fill in a form on the website) and to remove the reference to negative information about yourself can any citizen of the European Union. Apparently, this took About' Neil, as the material mentioned his name.For reviews of correspondents, the law on the "right to be forgotten" Right To Be Forgotten) fact has led Google to censor because the materials disappear from issuance without judicial review.Resource owners that were hosted on remote content, the Company sends a letter: "I must tell you that in response to certain search queries in the European versions of Google we, unfortunately, is no longer entitled to display the following page from your website". Links can be detected through the international version of Google. Читать полностью -->

Sony introduced the long-running Xperia E4 in the original appearance - Cell phones

Sony has announced the release of a new Android smartphone Xperia E4. Novelty is a large (but not very clear screen, long battery life and the new "streamlined" design.Focusing on the specifications of the manufacturer has done everything to reduce the cost of the device without sacrificing functionality. The device is constructed on a 4-core chip from MediaTek, operating at a frequency of 1, 3 GHz, equipped with graphics Adreno 330, 1 GB of RAM and built-in media 8 GB. Supports microSD cards up to 32 GB, will be released and the model with support for 2 SIM cards.From the position of the screen resolution and camera smartphone among the most low-end phones. When the display size 5 inches resolution is only 960 by 540 pixels, i.e. is equal to 220 ppi. Читать полностью -->

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