Rumor: LG G4 will get a screen with high resolution - Cell phones

The world wide web has merged a new batch of data has not yet announced its flagship mobile phone LG G4. Apparently, the device will get super clear screen with a huge mobile device resolution 1620 x 2880 pixels.Remember, LG has positioned G3 (read our review at the link) as 1st in the world smartphone with 2K resolution. The new leader can also be the record holder. A screenshot depicting the test result display of a device codenamed LG-VS999, was posted on the blog My LG Phones.Anyway, some experts doubt that LG really implements such a high resolution in his flagship. The fact that in relation to the small display of a mobile gadget, the human eye can hardly see a big difference between 2K and 3K resolution, but computing resources to display such images will require quite a lot. It may be that in the screenshot captured test data version gadget. Читать полностью -->

In the new iTunes appeared widget for OS X - Cell phones

The company Apple has updated iTunes, adding widget for OS X Yosemite. Right in the "notification Center" now you can watch the executable name of the song, rewind, pause, skip tracks and purchase them when listening to online radio iTunes Radio.The widget is very minimalistic: Apple decided to not even show the cover of the executable album. To add a Widget, invoke the "notification Center", click on the most right icon in the menu bar, click on "Edit" at the bottom and select iTunes from the list of objects. Also improved the overall performance of the program in sync with i-devices.In addition, in version 12. 1 became easier to edit the information about the songs (if you select them by pressing Command-I). So the box looked like before:And so now, with illuminated boxes around the fields:. Читать полностью -->

In Russia featured smartphone for 13-megapixel "selfi" - Cell phones

Taiwanese Company HTC has brought to the Russian Federation's new Android flagship smartphone with features Desire Eye-oriented photography lovers and the most self-portraits. The main strength of the novelties was the largest at the moment the module front camera of 13 megapixels.Special emphasis during the presentation HTC did not hardware stuffing apparatus, and software HTC Eye Experience. The company has implemented many different "chips" - for example, face tracking during video, which will give you the opportunity to stabilize the image during video chat even when people are moving. The possibility of a double shooting at once on the main and front camera, voice control photography and much more.It is the photographic opportunities were the main feature of the device. Reason for making a photo on your phone there is a separate button. Bright dual led flash attached to both rear and front cameras. Читать полностью -->

Anonymous Tor network was attacked by hackers - Cell phones

Developers anonymous Tor network, which is used by users to hide their IP address to surf the Internet without leaving traces, said about the attempt of hacking tools. The attack occurred in the first part of the year: between February and July.Unidentified took advantage of previously unknown vulnerability in the Protocol Tor (by this time she removed) to decrypt the traffic and deanonymization users." Users who ruled or had access to hidden services since the beginning of February to the 4th of July, are obliged to admit that they have suffered," said the Tor blog. How many users could be compromised, not reported.The service administrators suggested that the attack most likely are scientists from the University of Carnegie Mellon, because that's what they were going to talk about how hacking Tor at hacker conference Black Hat, which opens on August 2 in Las Vegas.It had to be Alexander the air from the Computer Emergency Response Team, developed the method of deanonymization. Last week, however, the Performance was canceled because the materials that he was going to present, "has not been approved for public release".The feedback of the developers of Tor, fashion, created by scientists at Carnegie Mellon, is illegal." From a legal point of view to attack real users, modifying their traffic is not a very good idea for researchers," they wrote.. . . Читать полностью -->

"Chinese Apple has announced a new flagship - Cell phones

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi, which is often compared to Apple, has unveiled its own new flagship Android-smartphone - 4 Mi. As stated by the CEO of the organization Lei Jun, the novelty is the "fastest smartphone in the world". The same message he made the announcement Mi 3 in September last year.Device - now with metal, not plastic rim around the perimeter of the building and rounded corners - very similar to "iPhone". Mi 4 is equipped with a 5-inch screen Full HD (1080p), 4-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with a clock frequency of 2, 5 GHz, 3 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. The battery is quite large - 3080 mA*hAccording to Djuna, in standalone mode, the device will stretch about a half a day with normal use. And the function of high-speed charging will enable him to fill the reserve energy up to 60% per hour. Читать полностью -->

Mail Gmail beginning to understand the Cyrillic addresses - Cell phones

Mail service Gmail allowed to send and receive e-mails from addresses that are typed in non-Latin alphabet - the Cyrillic characters or accented characters. So, now you can correspond with the owners of the mailboxes created in different languages: for example,?????.???? Or Ivan@mailadres. Of the Russian Federation. Soon the novelty will affect "Calendar", said in a statement released Google blog.Support addresses typed in non-Latin alphabets (A - Z) characters, became possible due to postal RFC 6530, adopted by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in February 2012." However, in order to make a wide set of supported characters in all segments of the Internet, you want to make some changes. This must be done not only all e-mail services, but also the sites that you specify their addresses," said Google.Anyway, to make Cyrillic mailbox on Google mail (name@Gmail. Com) as long as it is impossible." We also wish that in the future, you could not only recognize, but also to create your Gmail address in their native language," promised in the organization. Читать полностью -->

Facebook will help drunks defend shame - Cell phones

Spreading is done in the drunk pictures to the social media users seem to forget that their "exploits" will be able to see everything - from the mother to the head. Facebook is going to launch a system that will protect against this.Yan Li kun involved in Facebook developments in the field of artificial intelligence, said that now his team analyzes user behavior. This work should lead to the creation of a digital assistant that will be able to limit to human ability download "drunken" photo and to assist in other matters.If the Algorithms assistant determines that the content of the photo inappropriate, he will ask the user: "are you sure You want your boss and mom saw it?" The system should help and If your pictures with corporate made a decision to place someone else. The algorithms will determine which is done by a colleague picture captures You, and asks you for permission to text. If You are against, other users will not be able to post compromising pictures.. . Читать полностью -->

Smartphones of the future will provide terabytes of memory - Cell phones

Scientists from rice University in Texas (USA) showed the production technology RRAM - resistive memory with random access, which will enable to increase the amount of available "RAM" in smartphones and tablets in the tens and even hundreds of times. The story is about one of the types of RRAM, which has higher density and lower power consumption than the "normal" memory. In addition to this, it is more compact.At this point in time the release of the modules RRAM memory are just a few organizations. The process of production of such chips are expensive and very complex - it requires high temperatures and voltage for switching in leading condition.Scientists from rice did offer a different approach that allows you to create cell RRAM memory at room temperature and a much lower voltage. It is the use of porous silicon oxide as the main dielectric material.The resulting cells are more reliable, require no energy expenditure for storing information, have the ability to store up to nine data bits per cell and provide a higher speed write/read data (up to one hundred times faster than flash memory). Most importantly, the new technology facilitates the stacking of layers RRAM memory That makes it possible to increase the volume of the stored information. Читать полностью -->

Samsung will deliver TouchWiz "extra" application - Cell phones

Samsung optimizes corporate shell TouchWiz, which the Firm pre-install the files on Galaxy products. According to the website SamMobile referring to informed sources, the interface will bring "almost to the level of Nexus devices", clearing it from the "extra" software, services and add-ons.TouchWiz is often criticized for unsolicited applications, and many features that most users simply don't need." Relieving the firmware, Samsung will be able to reduce its size, to speed up the loading and release memory on smartphones.Which services and applications will disappear from TouchWiz, as long as unknown. Most likely the interface will save from similar applications like Story Album, S Translator, S Voice. When will users be able to download them from Google Play or the Samsung Galaxy Apps - your shop Samsung. And more or less demand functions, for example, Smart Stay, which is integrated in the settings menu, or the program's Health will surely remain.Declare that optimized TouchWiz is the first to appear on the new flagship mobile phone Galaxy S6. Apparatus, clothed in metal and glass, can come spring.. Читать полностью -->

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