Tesla wins in Apple war for the best experts - Cell phones

Corporation Apple and manufacturer " cars of the future Tesla actively war for prospective employees. This confrontation is essentially "stuck" wages and led to the emergence of numerous bonuses. Anyway, so far Apple war for the best minds loses.Currently Tesla hired away from Apple for more than 150 employees, reports Bloomberg. This is significantly more than any other organization, including automotive. Apple trying to stop the brain drain and return Zenich workers back in Cupertino promise to give wages to 60% more than the proposed Tesla, and to pay bonuses, reaching a quarter of a million dollars.Anyway, so far Apple has managed to entice from Tesla on these conditions only a few workers. Tesla, on the other hand, does not fail on cash bonuses, but simply gives employees an expensive electric car. Читать полностью -->

Tools of the month. Review of the top iOS apps of September - Cell phones

In September, Apple introduced a new generation of "iPhones" and has released iOS 8, which provided application developers with extensive fresh opportunities. News. The tech has learned that programmers were able to do in September and has made a selection of the best iOS apps of the month.Yandex. NewsThe most popular Russian news aggregator finally turned into an iOS app. The program consists of several screens. The first displays the most current events, which are now reported in the media. Читать полностью -->

LikeManager let me remind you about all the "likes" in Facebook - Cell phones

Portuguese startup Color Elephant has launched a new service named LikeManager. It allows you to view all content that you ever said the "Like" button in Facebook. Go back in time and see the links that the user has told friends, you see after logging in to the social network through the application.Free version LikeManager limited to 30 "likes", their list is only updated once a week. In the premium version of this limit is not, and clicking on Like button, updated hourly. The Manager likes" can be used as a bookmarking service, noting articles, YouTube videos and other interesting content on Facebook to view later.Paid LikeManager also offers access to the mobile version of the application and presentation of all previous "likes" in addition, all fresh appear first. For these functions will have to pay 1 Euro per month.Content marked with the "Like" button in Facebook, you can view and free. Читать полностью -->

The application " train Tickets ": the easiest way to travel Cell phones

To purchase tickets to the structure now takes no more than 2 minutes. All because another useful app for our smartphones - "train Tickets". Developed a technology partner "RZD". And this means that we have before us only in its own kind is the official app for the sale of rail tickets. There is no delay information, re-sale is already sold tickets and other unpleasant surprises, which had a habit of fear users of such applications, it is not threatened.Through the application of railway Tickets (available as on iPhones and Android smartphones) you can see the schedule and buy tickets in Russia, CIS and Baltic States, insurance passenger. And in the menu "My ticket" the user has access to detailed information about their orders. Читать полностью -->

YouTube is ready to pay millions for the quality of video Cell phones

The YouTube started dialogues with Hollywood studios and independent producers, expressing intent to Finance the production of quality content. Increasing the number of interesting and entertaining videos, owned by Google, the website hopes to stop being a repository of Amateur video and increase advertising revenue.According to one knowledgeable source Reuters, video service is ready to spend from 1 to 3 million dollars on the production of a series of programs. Another informant stated that YouTube was interested in a short online show, lasting no more than 30 minutes, which would match the television."You always look at different ideas related to content and marketing, to support and promote our creators," said Authorized press service of YouTube. Evidence of intent YouTube to invest millions of dollars in premium content they are not confirmed.Today YouTube is the most popular video hosting, which is visited by more than billion unique users per month. The site has long been concerned about that, to increase the quality of the content of the rollers. Last year, for example, he created a series of training video with the YouTube name Pro. Читать полностью -->

"VKontakte" froze accounts compromised users "Yandex" - Cell phones

The story leaked to the world wide web logins and passwords of more than a million users " Yandex. Mail continued. Social network "Vkontakte" decided to block all accounts, opened in the fall into the hands of hackers addresses.About it in your own Twitter said the press-Secretary of "Vkontakte" Giorgi Lubushkin. According to him, on urgent measures in the administration of the service has prompted concern about security. The account will remain frozen until such time as the users will not change their passwords.First Yandex said that he reset the passwords for all accounts that fall in the detected first on hack forums database of more than 1, 2 million users. However, emphasize that speech about the hacking of servers is not. Читать полностью -->

"Yandex. Money " put a subscription fee for inactive purses - Cell phones

Russian payment system Yandex. Money" updated user agreement. It appeared a new paragraph, according to which the e-wallets that hasn't been used for 2 years, will be charged a monthly subscription fee in the amount of 270 rubles. Fresh service rules will come into force on 25 September, announced the Company.Under the changed rules, the fee is charged only If an inactive account funds are available. If the account is empty, it will not be charged. For those who use Yandex. Читать полностью -->

Xiaomi will take in trade-in an iPhone - Cell phones

The most successful (from the point of view of the growth in market share) results 2014 manufacturer of smartphone, Xiaomi, has decided to attract many Chinese fans of Apple. The founder and CEO of the organization, lei Jun has promised to run the program, trade-in, which, passing his old iPhone, the consumer will be able to get a new smartphone Xiaomi.About this he wrote in his own microblog service Sina Weibo (local substitute is banned in China Twitter). According to Jun, outdated iPhone 5s will be possible to exchange (with charge or without is not specified) right now announced plantation Mi Note. In exchange for the fresh iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will be possible to rely on advanced model, Mi Note Pro.Jun said That the exchange program will be available to all iPhone owners, regardless of wealth hold device. It is Possible That the exchange compact and already outdated iPhone 5s on Mi new Note with its stylish design and large screen and the truth will interest many. As to exchange the iPhone 6 or even 6 Plus Mi Note Pro, that deal seems to be not very attractive.. Читать полностью -->

Fresh price of the iPhone 6 will start from 54 000 - Cell phones

Russian official online store of Apple, retired last week amid a spike rate of the ruble was opened again by itself, with updated price tags. Cost after the last price increase at the end of November from 34 990 rubles iPhone 6 now estimated at 53 990 rubles.Plastic iPhone 5c with 8 GB of memory is the most affordable model of smartphone is Apple, which cost in the early autumn of not more than 20 000 rubles, now is 29 990. As many will recall, a year earlier was worth the flagship iPhone 5s. And the most expensive iPhone - iPhone 6 Plus with built-in media 128 GB will now cost the Russians in 77 990 rubles.For the cheapest iPad - pozaproshlogodnego iPad mini with screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels need to give 18 990 rubles. Flagship iPad Air 2 is from 37 490 rubles for the base model with only 16 GB of internal memory and phone calls. Top tablet found in 62 490 rubles.Finally, the technological novelty of the American organization, computer, all-in-one iMac with screen high resolution 5K, is now 189 990 rubles.. Читать полностью -->

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