Tools of the month. An overview of the main Android apps September - Cell phones

We don't stop to watch the news ON Android-based smartphones and tablet computers. In September, the developers were pleased child "censor" for YouTube, another sadistic service, secure chat on the BitTorrent technology and other innovations.HomeTubeNot all of the content on YouTube is equally useful for most children. There are lots of interesting and informative videos Are high-quality cartoons, but it has to be fished out of the ocean uninteresting or even fundamentally Not suitable children video.To select the best and present it in an easy to use by children the interface is the application HomeTube for Android. It is an aggregator of children's content, which you will can be used as a launcher that replaces the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. By default, it is available about a dozen "channels" with the popular cartoons and shows, and paying br34, you can find the content on their own. This should be done, if you want to add Russian content - all programs offered in the default application, in English.Settings cannot be activated unintentionally - to access them you need to click on the "gear" six times in a row. Читать полностью -->

YouTube didn't want from the Flash using the default Cell phones

The biggest Internet video, YouTube, completes an entire epoch in the history of online video. The service announced that, by default, will show the users in the HTML5 video instead of Flash. However, for this they must be installed with a modern browser.Plugins Adobe Flash is known for its instability, and periodically detected in their system security vulnerabilities. In the HTML5 video capable of playing all current versions of the major popular browsers without installing additional plugins. The exception is Mozilla Firefox is fully supported, According to the authorized YouTube, only the beta version of the browser.In order to offer most users HTML5 video format was done. Now YouTube may, for example, to change "on the fly" the bitrate of playable movie, avoiding interruption of playback and additional buffering.As for codecs (HTML5 video can be encoded by different algorithms), then YouTube is expected in favor of VP9, actively promoted by the owner of the video hosting by Google. Читать полностью -->

Panasonic will focus on 4K and devices for smart home - Cell phones

The Japanese company Panasonic have announced plans to participate in the exhibition of consumer electronics and other high-tech solutions CES 2015. It is the largest annual event will be held from 6 to 9 January in Las Vegas (USA).The company will present his vision of the "future Home", equipped with the most modern electronics and appliances - TVs with 4K resolution, security systems, integrated solutions for the kitchen. Will also be introduced to "smart" mirror with built-in screen that allows the user to "try on" different ways of makeup or styles of beards.Before this year, a Japanese Corporation, recall, opened a "smart city", built and effective use of technology by Panasonic.A special place at the exhibition stand will take TVs and video equipment with support for 4K resolution. For video shooting at such a high resolution, Panasonic offers not only traditional video cameras, but wear and waterproof solutions For extreme shooting conditions.There stand the place for "raised" before the 2014 audioband Technics, which are now produced luxurious audio with support for streaming music in high resolution. In the b2b sector will be shown innovative solutions for equipment outlets, entertainment systems new generation of cars and airplanes, as well as electric vehicles, equipped with Panasonic batteries.. . Читать полностью -->

Google has absorbed photoservice Odysee - Cell phones

The company Google announced the acquisition of mobile applications Odysee involved in the "cloud" sync photos and videos from the user. The app has already been removed from the App Store and Google Play. In the near future will stop working and already installed version.Finally Odysee "die" on February 23. All the software developers go into Google Plus to work on the improvement of the social network belonging to the search engine. Clearly, in the near future, Google plans to use the experience Odysee in order to improve the auto-sync photos in Google Plus.Sources within the organization emphasize that on the basis Odysee in Google are going to make a separate application for advanced management photos in Google Plus, which one will be obliged to increase the activity of users of the social network.. . Читать полностью -->

"Yandex" has launched a service for transfers from card to card - Cell phones

Russian Company "Yandex" has launched a new service which gives the opportunity to transfer money from one credit card to another without registration e-wallet. To use them is very simple: you need to specify details of one card (number, expiry date, CVV/CVC), enter the amount to transfer and the card number of the recipient.Service "remittances" is available in both browser and mobile applications for iOS and Android. Cards of any Bank of the Russian Federation, connected to payment systems VISA or MasterCard. When translated through the web interface of the Commission in the amount of 1, 95% of the amount, but not less than 30 rubles.With one card you can send up to 75 thousand Rubles. at a time. Amount per month shall not exceed five hundred thousand Roubles. Читать полностью -->

Chapter YouTube wants to introduce paid subscriptions - Cell phones

The largest global YouTube, owned by Google, is considering the introduction of subscriptions for users. For a monthly fee viewers will get rid of the advertising.About the fact that YouTube is thinking About introducing paid subscriptions, said at the Symposium Code/Mobile CEO of YouTube Susan Wolitski. Specific variants of the new "premium" service, it has not led, however, did not exclude that paid subscribers will save you from having to watch ads.In 2013, YouTube has allowed small channels to sell subscription users, However, since the promotion of such models was not engaged. Wolitski also agreed that YouTube is preparing a music service Music Key, such as Google Play Music All Access (previously the world wide web have had even screenshots of the relevant application). However, to talk about its features and possible start time top Manager would not.In addition, during the interview, the head of YouTube has led an interesting statistic. If even 2 years ago a Large number of video on YouTube occurred on desktop computers, today more than half of them fall on the mobile device. Читать полностью -->

Copenhagen will be swargarohini "smart" city Cell phones

The power of Copenhagen started the implementation of a large-scale project, which will transform the city into a single "smart" system. It will save electricity, make streets safer and reduce air pollution.Street lighting will be replaced with "smart" LED-lamps, which are able to transmit data in real-time. Special green LEDs will illuminate bike paths to make the move to a greener transport more convenient and safe. The project was called "Green wave"."Smart" will be and other traffic lights. So, drivers will be able to watch from a smartphone, when the ready light. In suburban area lights will be equipped with sensors So that the light will ignite only when in range of a lamp will include people or move the machine. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft introduced "smart bracelet" with support for Windows, iOS and Android Cell phones

Microsoft, confirming going since the summer of unverified information, today introduced its first worn device - bracelet monitoring of physical activity and display notifications from smartphones. The new product named Microsoft Band will appear on sale in the USA today at the price of 199 dollars.Functionality Microsoft Band whose appearance was designed by the Creator of the Xbox One by Quentin Morris, surpasses the majority counterparts. Thus, the device is able to track not only physical activity, quality of sleep and heart rate, but also, for example, the degree of exposure to ultraviolet light or stress level. In addition, the bracelet has a built-in GPS receiver, So that, for example, to take the smartphone for a jog to track workout, it will not be necessary.Just an Electronic device with a color screen resolution 310 102 points are equipped with ten different sensors, and on a single battery charge can consider two days. Microsoft did not limit the compatibility of your Band only their own OSes Windows for new released app clients Microsoft Health not only for Windows Phone, but under the competing platforms - iOS and Android. There is also an app for syncing data with a Mac, but for Windows 8. Читать полностью -->

The Pirate Bay has adapted to smartphones - Cell phones

One of the world's largest online representation, which allows to download pirated movies, music and The Pirate Bay has launched the mobile version." Okocim" smartphone owners, " the pirate Bay plans fresh projects.The new site, the appearance of which is adapted to small screens of smartphones, has been nazuna The Mobile Bay. On the title page, placed a large logo, and under it - the search field. Technically the mobile version of "the Bay" works the same as a desktop with the same functions. The main advantage - easier navigation and searching information on the touch screens.The main target audience of the Internet representation, Clearly, will be the owners of Android-based smartphones installed uTorrent or another application, as for other mobile platforms full torrent clients until not developed. Visitors with mobile devices, advanced to the main site Pirate Bay, will now be routed to the mobile version (if desired redirection can be disabled).The plans of the creators of the Internet representation, for that year, successfully beating off all the attacks of the police organization and the media industry and only increasing the attendance, the development of new projects. The story is about individual sites for finding music, movies, and TV series. Читать полностью -->

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