The world wide web has got the instruction manual for the iPhone 6 - Cell phones

French website nowhereelse. Fr have uploaded the manual to the still-unannounced smartphone iPhone 6, which came to him from " the most reliable and loyal Chinese sources." Blog editor Steve Hammerdorfer convinced of the truthfulness of the leak, as the same informant gave him the same document for a couple of hours before the presentation of the iPhone 5S last year.Of the card, which will be in the box with every device, you can learn a few interesting details about the upcoming "iPhone". First, there is the official name of the new iPhone 6 (apparently, the story is about a 4, a 7-inch model) and the date of the announcement - Tuesday, 9 September. Secondly, the power button will move with the upper edge on the right edge.Thirdly, will change the shape of the buttons adjust the volume: they will become more elongated. Source nowhereelse. Fr also confirmed first appeared unverified information about the fact that Apple is preparing a version of the "iPhone" with capacity on a flash drive 128 GB.However, the authenticity of the document believe not all. Читать полностью -->

Smartphone Galaxy S6 will "dress" in metal and glass - Cell phones

On the Internet there is a new batch of rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6. According to SamMobile referring to the Korean website DDaily, the flagship will be released in the "premium" version: the back cover and the bezel around the casing will be made of metal, and the front panel is made of glass, Like the iPhone.The Korean manufacturer has long preferred to use plastic in their products. The back surface of the Galaxy S5 and tablet Galaxy Note 4, for example, simulated perforated leather. At the end of last year, Samsung has not done the experiment, presenting Alpha Galaxy - 1st in the "galactic" the family of smartphone that has received the frame from metal. If the information DDaily is true, then Galaxy S6 will be manufactured entirely from premium materials, like "iPhone".Earlier rumors indicated that the new flagship smartphone is a wonderful and powerful - must help Samsung to regain postie. The drop in revenue has forced the Koreans to take responsibility for the creation of the smartphone Galaxy S 6th generation. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft is preparing to introduce a new OS for mobile devices - Cell phones

Microsoft will release a test version of its new mobile operating system before the end of January, writes The Verge citing their sources. The manufacturer of the most popular in the world of the operating system for your PC, Windows, still hopes to make a viable alternative to Android and iOS.Informants told the paper that is on view January 21 Authorized Microsoft for the first time will show how it will look and work the mobile version of Windows 10. Comparing with Windows Phone 8. 1 expected changes in the user interface - it will try to bring in terms of appearance and functionality to the Windows desktop 10 and the interface of the Xbox One.Most likely, you would get something between Windows RT and Windows Phone to work the mobile version of "ten" is intended Not only on smartphones, but also tablets. Applications will be versatile, adapting themselves to the currently used device. It is also possible that on January 21, Microsoft will show and own a new browser codenamed Spartan, designed to replace Internet Explorer.Probably soon after the presentation next week preliminary version of the new Windows mobile can be installed on certain devices with Windows Phone. Читать полностью -->

Rumor: Microsoft will "bury" Internet Explorer - Cell phones

Microsoft may have decided to start from scratch in the development of its browser for Windows. To compete with Chrome, Firefox and Opera in the new OSes will be a new application for viewing web pages, codenamed Spartan.The main news (insider information told the portal ZDNet. Com) is "Spartan" will not be regular, 12-th version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft would like to have the program became more similar to bypassing Internet Explorer in terms of popularity Chrome and Firefox. However, to go to, for example, to start using Webkit, Gecko or their derivatives.ZDNet reports that the new app will remain first developed by Microsoft technologies, including JavaScript engine Chakra and system of rendering pages Trident. And from the "old" Internet Explorer until the end will not refuse browser will continue to put out Windows 10 in order to ensure compatibility.Remember, before this year, Microsoft revealed plans to release in 2015 a new version of its operational system - Windows 10, which will be a universal OS for both desktop and portable PCs, and mobile, and even worn devices. Читать полностью -->

Facebook has helped to make a new wave of small business practice in all sectors, from fashion to fitness.

Chinese Xiaomi unveiled 5, 7-inch plantation Mi Note that, Like other products of the organization, very similar to gadgets Apple (in this case on the iPhone 6 Plus, released in the autumn of the previous year). As stated at the presentation of the new Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, Mi Note even thinner (6, 95 mm) and lighter (161 grams) than tablet American competitor.In addition, the flagship device compatible with 2 SIM cards, protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3 with a slight curve 2. 5D, and its body is covered with a thin metal frame. Mi Note will be released in 2 versions. The first release, with a Full HD display and a density of 386 points per inch produced by Sharp/JDI is scheduled for January 27. The second "bonus", supercedes panel (h, 515 ppi) - will be released by the end of March.Talking about the camera Mi Note, Joon again could not avoid the comparison with the iPhone 6 Plus, noting that 13-megapixel "eye" with optical image stabilization and dual-color led flash "drowned" in the body, not hanging out as tableta Apple. Читать полностью -->

YouTube users will be able to donate money to the TV - Cell phones

As long as all the stress would expect a paid music service on location YouTube, Google quietly launched on the hosting system of collecting monetary donations. Now viewers will be able to support your favourite channels not only views, but also the "ruble". Rather, the ruble until just will not work.At this point in time, the novelty started just 4 countries: USA, Australia, Japan and Mexico. Users of these States have already noticed the new "Donate" button to Donate). It leads to a menu where you can quickly send to the owner of the channel, the dollar, five dollars or their own selected amount.Google takes a small Commission for transfer (5 % 0, 21 dollars). So, if you send 10 dollars to the owner of the channel gets 9, 29 dollar. Читать полностью -->

The head of Google's Board of Directors believes that the days of the Internet are numbered - Cell phones

The head of the Board of Directors of Google, Eric Schmidt believes that the Internet in the form in which It exists at present, will soon disappear. He told about it in one of the discussions at the world economic forum in Davos.When Schmidt was asked about the future of the global network, he said: "the Internet will disappear. Will be so many ip addresses, so many devices, sensors, things you wear, the things with which you interact, you will cease this even to feel".He added that because of the emergence of mobile applications for smartphones have been many powerful technical platform, we changed the order of dominance, reports TASS." Put forward a whole new cohort of enhancing the power of smartphones, which, really, is not that other, as supercomputers," said Schmidt.- at the moment I see this market as a completely open".In the same discussion, Eric Schmidt spoke about his recent trip to the DPRK. He said that there is a lack of exit points to the world wide web, but there is no roaming. He also confirmed that the use of the Internet in North Korea is tightly controlled.. . Читать полностью -->

With the speed of thought. Browse the best third-party keyboards for iOS 8 - Cell phones

Most iPhone and iPad users (according to the latest data - 48%) have already updated to iOS 8. This version of the Apple OS for the first time provides application developers with unprecedented access to the system. One of the major improvements is the ability to create iOS 8 third-party keyboards that have the ability to handle text input much better than regular. However, for Russian-speaking user selection is still small. News. The tech examined the currently available time keyboard and filtered out the best of them.How to install and activate a third-party keyboard in iOS 8?You should download one of the applications of keyboards from the App StoreGo to "Settings" - "General". Читать полностью -->

Americans spend on Facebook for 40 minutes a day - Cell phones

Americans Usually spend 40 minutes a day reading "the Chronicles", writing posts, view photos and chatting with friends in Facebook. While a year earlier US users spent on the site about 17, 39 minutes. About it said the CEO of the social network mark Zuckerberg on the announcement of the organization's financial statements for the second quarter of 2014.Just the same, said Zuckerberg, Americans interact with digital media (this includes computers, mobile device and TV) for 9 hours a day. Against this background, the time they spend on Facebook, it seems not so great.Social networking has become a truly "mobile" company: 62% of its advertising revenue now accounts for mobile phones and tablets. Still two years before Facebook did not show ads on mobile devices. And 1, and 32 billion active users each month, about one-third (399 million) comes into Facebook from a smartphone.In General, Facebook has completed a very successful quarter. Читать полностью -->

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