Microsoft distributes free Windows 8. 1 with Bing manufacturers - Cell phones

Microsoft began offering manufacturers a $ 10 discount for installing the operating system " Windows 8. 1 with Bing for fresh tablets with Intel chip and the screen size of no more than 9 inches. According to the website ZDNet, often the partners build OS costs $10 per copy. So, minus the new " discounts on the configuration, they will be able to get it for free.The story is about a special "eight", which was announced in 2014. It is almost indistinguishable from "normal" Assembly 8. 1, except that Bing is selected as a search engine by default, and MSN. Читать полностью -->

New SMS-virus threatens to users of Android Cell phones

On the Internet is gaining momentum new "aggressive" version of SMS virus Selfmite, first detected in June." The worm, which, after entering the system sends out thousands of spam messages that are already infected Android device users from 16 countries, including the Russian Federation.the 1st version of the Trojan, Selfmite. A, cybersecurity researchers revealed in the summer. He sent a link to the APK installer that contains malicious code, the first 20 contacts in the address book of the victim. His new form, Selfmite. B, more aggressive - it sends thousands of SMS to all contacts, and does it in a circle, warned in an organization AdaptiveMobile."according to our information, Selfmite. B responsible for sending more than 150 thousand messages over the last ten days with a little over a hundred infected devices," said analyst AdaptiveMobile Denis Maslennikov. Читать полностью -->

The hackers told about the theft 7 million passwords Dropbox - Cell phones

In the Internet appeared the database, consisting of several hundreds of logins and passwords for cloud service Dropbox. The archive, which unidentified posted on the website Pastebin, contains about 400 e-mail addresses that begin with the letter B." 1st teaser... only the beginning," they wrote.The hackers claim that they have at their disposal as if there are about 7 million passwords from Dropbox accounts. They also promised to publish them if they will pay the donation "bitcoin".According to forum users Reddit, certain ligaments login and password are working, but as they were on the Internet is unknown. In the Dropbox told that the Company is not involved in the leak, but the password seems to have been stolen as a result of the hacking of third-party services."Dropbox has not been compromised. These logins and passwords, unfortunately, were stolen from other services and was used to sign in to Dropbox accounts," - said the press service. Читать полностью -->

Google secretly passed workers Wikileaks the US authorities - Cell phones

Google for 2, 5 years concealed, giving the U.S. authorities full access to the accounts of three reporters who worked with Wikileaks project, in the spring of 2012.. By associates of Julian Assange Wikileaks about it said only in early winter 2014.The company Google recognizes that continuously receives requests for disclosure from governments and courts around the world.Orders to Access data correspondents Wikileaks - Sarah Harrison, Joseph Farrell and Christina of Hrafnsson were issued by the court in March 2012, informs the Last news . Google says that the data about these orders were ordered to keep secret. Access to correspondence and other records of the correspondents was necessary to the court in the investigation Wikileaks on charges of conspiracy to espionage. Workers Wikileaks used the mail to Gmail for everyday correspondence.Lawyers Internet representation Wikileaks appealed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google Eric Schmidt. Читать полностью -->

Lenovo sells more smartphones than computers - Cell phones

Several years ago, the Chinese Lenovo perceived, most importantly, as a major supplier of PC. However, in 2014 the Company has overcome the psychological turn - now Lenovo sells more smartphones than computers and can rightly be called a mobile company.Smartphone shipments during the quarter, Lenovo increased by 39 % compared with the same period last year, reaching fifteen, 8 million devices. Personal computers Chinese firm sold "only" 14, 5 million.However, a large share of the smartphone (13 million) were made by the company on the domestic market. The position of Lenovo in China strong as in the segment of flagship devices, and budgetary niches. Lenovo calls itself the most popular device manufacturer in China, but experts put the company in second place after Xiaomi.Position Lenovo as strong as ever on other markets. For example, the Company has already captured 20% of the world market for personal computers. Читать полностью -->

Phamarcy review Xbox One: grown-up " box " - Cell phones

Since the beginning of another battle in the long war game consoles a year has passed. That is how much time users in the United States and several other countries (the rest of the world, including the Russian Federation is significantly less) have the opportunity to choose between the 2 main competitors, the Xbox One from Microsoft and PlayStation 4 from Sony.During the greater part of 2014 "Japanese", it seemed that wins the battle - Authorized Sony periodically reported on significantly higher sales than Microsoft. The reasons for this were many, for example - the price is $ 100 higher than the PS4. Last but not least played a role somewhat ambiguous solutions (mandatory application of the Kinect controller, binding the console is connected to the Network to run games and other), adopted in Redmond yesterday to release new products on the market, and then revised. Many also doubt inspired message about the fact that in the same games as the graphics (to be precise, the picture resolution is Not always synonymous) the Xbox One is lower than the PlayStation 4.In the end, ACCORDING to the information at the end of October 2014 supposedly for one year Sony has sold 19, 1 million consoles of all generations, and Microsoft - 12, 9 million But the dynamic has begun to change already in the 3rd quarter - console from Microsoft are quickly catching up device Sony due to release a cheaper version without Kinect and many updates ON making the Xbox One a more comfortable and functional. Finally, in some markets at the beginning of the new year's boom in sales, Microsoft has lowered the price of Xbox One (U.S. Читать полностью -->

New social network pays users for posts - Cell phones

Yesterday, the Internet has opened a new social network Tsu, which shares the advertising revenue with its users for writing posts and invite friends. According to the project founder Sebastian Sobchak, Tsu holds only about 10% of the funds coming from the advertising, and the remaining 90% - distribute among the participants.Social network is available as a web version and mobile applications for iOS and Android. What is it like on Facebook: on the left is the navigation menu, center - news, right - ad units and a list of popular hashtags.The startup has attracted $ 7 million investment from the Fund Sancus Capital, and its headquarters are located in new York. At the stage of beta testing the service were invited to the promotion of several celebrities including rapper 50 Cent and NBA star Carmelo Anthony. However, over the past two weeks they have not expressed any activity.From profit sharing schemes Tsu, based on the number of organic views posts per 24-hour period will win the 1st place celebrity. Their chance to get more number of subscribers is very high. Читать полностью -->

LG and Samsung announced the latest model smart watch Mobile phones

The range is available to users put devices in the near future will be added 2 new models. With a difference of several tens of minutes staunch competition from South Korea's Samsung and LG announced each their own "smart" watch. New LG has a round screen, and the product Samsung - 3G module, allowing you to receive and send SMS and make calls.LG G R WatchThe new device from LG has already showed up in released a few days ago the teaser. The device really has a round screen (diameter 1, 3 inches), produced by OLED technology, providing excellent visibility from any angle and even in bright sunlight. May be it is because OLED technologies (in contrast to "cut" from the bottom of the screen, Moto 360) screen P Watch To be able to take 100% of the area of a circle.LG G Watch R work on the Android platform Wear (read the link for our full review and can withstand immersion in water to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. The device is placed in a frame of stainless steel and comes with a strap (remanufactured) from natural calfskin. Читать полностью -->

Chinese officials banned the iPad and MacBook Pro " - Cell phones

The Chinese authorities did not want from public procurement technology Apple. From the list of products that are able to be purchased for the budget account, were excluded iPads and iPad mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and other Apple device. The ban was introduced in order to protect information, informs Bloomberg citing informed sources.In subsequent times the allowed list for procurement of electronics will be revised in January 2015. It includes products such organizations as Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Lenovo.Apple was not the first American Company, which the Chinese government suspects in cooperation with the security services after the revelations of former CIA employee Edward Snowden. So, in may, the Chinese authorities have banned installed on Gastechnik operating system Windows 8. They are not satisfied that the security of government computers lies in the hands of Microsoft, which is a foreign company.Before this week, local authorities have been excluded from the list of providers software "Kaspersky Lab". Читать полностью -->

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