Microsoft has started to update Lumia smartphones to Windows Phone 8. 1 - Cell phones

The company Microsoft, as promised at the Symposium BUILD 2014, held in April, started to send software updates to Windows line of smartphones Lumia. Version Of Windows Phone 8. 1 Together with branded add-Cyan'll get all of Nokia with WP8.During the "coming weeks", said Microsoft, the firmware will send to other models. Remember that certain fresh sinfony" Nokia Lumia 630 and 635) are sold with the already installed version of WP 8. 1.IN WP 8. 1 there is a lot of interesting features: improved support for 2 SIM cards, fresh view modes """Calendar, notification center Action Center, VPN connections, more informative lock screen, Internet Explorer eleven with the mode of reading and "private" mode tabs. Читать полностью -->

New firmware Xbox One personalizes the system - Cell phones

The company Microsoft has released In the last year a major firmware update for the Xbox One. Most innovations designed to make the system more personal. First, there was support for custom backgrounds. As "Wallpaper" you can, for example, to set any JPG or PNG image loaded with the "stick" (via Media Player).Secondly, on the profile page now has two new columns to populate the location and a brief biography, as well as the journal's achievements (Showcase) with the ability to attach to the record screenshots. In addition, users have the ability to share videos of their gameplay, sending links straight to Twitter.. . Читать полностью -->

In the Network of "leaked" screenshots and video Windows 9 - Cell phones

In the Internet appeared the screenshots and video demonstration of the features of Windows 9 (codename Threshold) - the next version of Microsoft operating system, due out in the coming year. Leaks confirm unverified information about the fact that "nine" will get a new start menu "start", as well as the ability to run Metro apps in desktop mode. First, by negligence of the Chinese branch of the organization in the Internet "lit up" the Windows logo 9.As you can see in this 2-minute video that is posted German website WinFuture, the "start" menu consists of 2 parts: the "classical" applications list on the left and the right section, with live tiles and widgets. Users have the ability to move programs from one area to another, delete them, change the size of the "tiles".The menu will automatically expand as you add new applications. In the upper left corner there are buttons to exit and change the account in the upper right to enter sleep mode, restart and shutdown.In addition to the video, was released two dozen screenshots of Windows 9. They confirm that users, while in desktop mode, will be able to run Metro apps in a "normal", not full-screen Windows, and move them around the desktop. Читать полностью -->


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