Apple will cancel the " law of sandwich for iPhone - Cell phones

Fresh iPhones were unprecedented expensive (at least for Russians). It is very a pity to drop and break your own expensive Electronic device, display replacement will cost a pretty penny. However, focusing on patents, Apple wants to make the fall more secure for the future iPhone.In caught in the hands of the correspondents of the patent, Apple describes the operation of the detection system fall. The phone determines using the accelerometer that is in a state of decline. Having determined that it dropped, the smartphone must "shift" in the air, to fall by the edge or on the back cover. Drop the screen down must be excluded.Apple offers several ways to resolve the issue. Читать полностью -->

SSL was found dangerous vulnerability - Cell phones

Employees found in Google cryptographic SSL 3. 0 critical vulnerability. Using it, zloumyshlenniki have the opportunity to intercept sensitive data, as well as among them cookies, e-mail, information about Bank accounts online banks and otherMistake, called Poodle (" Poodle" ), is an obsolete standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which provides an encrypted connection between the client and the server. Although SSL version 3. 0 was released in 1996, but she'd come TLS (Transport Layer Security), "three" until now used in many modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and web servers for backward compatibility. On inaccurate estimates, over SSL 3. Читать полностью -->

Google has prepared a manual for "immigrants" from iPhone to Android Cell phones

Soon the once Apple announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Company released an official statement on the transition from Android to iOS. As if in response to this, Google has prepared its own tool for "defectors" on Android.Apparently, a detailed statement was prepared at the beginning of the announcement of Android 5. 0 Lolipop. Tips organization is quite simple. First, the Company proposes to transfer your photos, contacts, music and writing. The guide describes how to transfer pictures on Google , and music in Google Play Music.Also the Details on how to transfer contacts from iCloud. Читать полностью -->

Mi Box Mini: a tiny set-top box for $30 - Cell phones

Chinese Company Xiaomi has announced an ultra-compact digital set-top box Mi Box Mini, which will be sold for 199 yuan (about $ 30). In the device, similar to a phone charging, fits 4-core processor, and the size of the motherboard is about one-third of a credit card.The length and width of the Mi Box Mini does not exceed 5 centimeters. The STB shall be in the salon chip Cortex A, which gives her the opportunity to play videos in Full HD, 1 GB RAM and 4 GB internal, as well as dual-band Wi-Fi. External power supply the novelty is not necessary: it plugs into an electrical outlet connects to the TV via an HDMI cable, and is used to manage the Bluetooth remote.The purpose of the Mi Box Mini is the same as the not long ago presented a full-sized model Mi Box - clone Apple TV, which can be broadcast on a large screen multimedia content with different devices (Miracast, DLNA).Pre-orders for Mi Box Mini in China will open next Tuesday, January 20. Sales will begin at the end of this month.. . Читать полностью -->

"Smart" watch LG with a round screen was the most expensive Mobile phones

Became known the price of the smart watch LG G Watch R, caused after the announcement of great interest because of its stylish appearance and round the screen. The manufacturer assessed the novelty will go on sale in South Korea in the coming days, 352 000 won, which corresponds to 328 USD.This makes the device the most expensive gadget on the operating system Android Wear. For comparison, the first model of smart watches LG, G Watch, "put" Google was valued at U.S. $ 230. However, watch Apple Watch will cost even more expensive - from $ 350 for a simple model in an aluminum case with a plastic strap.LG G Watch R has a circular screen (diameter 1, 3 inches), produced by OLED technology, providing excellent visibility from any angle and even in bright sunlight. May be it is because OLED technologies (in contrast to "cut" from the bottom of the screen, Moto 360) screen G Watch R was able to take all 100% of the area of a circle.LG G Watch R work on the Android platform Wear (read the link for our full review), and can withstand immersion in water to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. Читать полностью -->

The Japanese made a phone heart-shaped - Cell phones

The Japanese Firm Ymobile announced fancy phone in the shape of a heart, that can only make calls. Neither the ability to send SMS, No camera, Bluetooth, email and browser the model Heart 301AB not provided, but as the screen is tiny, monochrome, 0, 9-inch screen (K points).Sale of "heart" phone will not have time to start Valentine's Day: it will be released in March. The eccentric device will be available in 2 colors: black and red, and likewise in specialii with symbols from the anime Sailor moon. Weighs device 54 grams. His b/W display only the necessary information: time, battery level, power of the reception signal.The novelty was conceived as a complement to the main phone - apparently, only to receive calls from loved ones. The company offers a smartphone app, which allows you to move your address book to Heart 301AB.Charging Heart 301AB also made in the form factor of the heart.. Читать полностью -->

Fresh iPhone will appear on sale in the Russian Federation September 26 Cell phones

Was announced, when the RF will be possible to officially buy filed yesterday fresh smartphones Apple. Authorized mobile operator MegaFon said that the device will appear on the shelves of the stores organization 26 September - that is, just one week after the sale in the United States.About the readiness of one of the operators of the "big three" to provide the citizens of Russia "iPhones" said in their Twitter PR Director of MegaFon Peter Lidov. According to him, those Interested can pre-order the new a week earlier, on September 19.By the way, the official online store of Apple in the Russian Federation until not officially calls the date of start of sales of new and pre-orders makes a promise to begin to collect only 26 September. It is not clear whether there had been "MegaFon" and the truth somehow the priority date of start of sales before the official online store, or someone made a mistake with the dates.Remember, first became known ruble prices new 4, 7-inch and 5, 5-inch "iPhones". Cost 4, 7-inch iPhone 6 with 16 GB of memory will be 31 990 rubles, with 64 GB - 36 990 rubles, with a 128 GB SSD - 41 990 rubles. 5, 5-inch iPhone 6 Plus will be sold for 36 990 rubles (16 GB), 41 990 rubles (64 GB) and 46 990 rubles (128 GB). Читать полностью -->

Samsung has introduced a similar Continuity for Galaxy devices - Cell phones

The company Samsung has announced a new cloud service called Flow, which is intended to provide background sync notifications, messages, incoming calls, open tabs in the browser and other content across multiple Galaxy devices. The platform incorporates 3 functions: Transfer (" Transfer" ), Defer (Defer ) and Notify (" Alert" ).Transfer gives you the ability to duplicate what is happening from one screen to another. By analogy with the Continuity in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, users, switching to a smartphone, tablet, or smart watch, have the opportunity to continue from the same place, where they stopped last time. Defer gives you the opportunity to decline the task or to do it at another time, and Notify intended for any alerts, including SMS and calls will be displayed on all devices.. . . Читать полностью -->

Fire TV Stick: "box-USB flash drive" from Amazon Cell phones

Company Amazon opened accepting pre-orders for Fire TV Stick is a compact box for broadcast movies, music, games and other multimedia content from a mobile device on the big screen. Competitor to Google Chromecast, which also looks like a normal USB flash drive, sold for $ 39. The start of deliveries in the US from November 19.Fire TV with HDMI interface can be connected in practice to any HDTV-TV and to send videos from such services as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. The filling apparatus is much more powerful than the set top box Google: 2-nuclear processor, chipset, Wi-Fi with support for MIMO (two antennas) and 1 Gigabyte of RAM.In addition, in the box with the gadget is remote Fire TV Remote For search, navigation and games. Chromecast therefore not completed. To control the set-top box, Google, like Amazon, offers a mobile app, but as long as it is compatible only with Android devices.The new Amazon destined to compete with many devices for multimedia "streaming" - Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast from Google and Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick. Читать полностью -->

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