The electricity in your pocket: 8 original laptop batteries - Cell phones

We live in a time when it is critical to stay in touch. No time razryadivshijsya smartphone or laptop can cause many unpleasant and disturbing situations. We have studied the market external battery and filtered out the most interesting options.UltrapakA significant problem external battery is that many people are just too lazy non-stop to recharge. When every night to charge it is necessary to put the smartphone, tablet and laptop, to find free space for the battery is able to be not so simple.The main feature of Ultrapak is a high-speed charge kit. External battery can be fully charged from the mains in just fifteen minutes. The developers claim that charging Ultrapak is 8 times faster than competitors ' solutions.The capacity of the battery in relation to nevelika - 3000 mAh. Читать полностью -->

Technics will start the music portal super high quality Cell phones

All audiophiles will remember Technics brand, under which was produced musical equipment Hi-Fi level. Recently, Panasonic has decided to revive the famous brand, releasing Not only fresh radio, online music store super high-quality.The new project will be launched after a few months, in early January 2015. All the tracks on the Internet representation will be encoded in FLAC format with 24-bit "resolution". It does not compress the files as it makes MP3 or other traditional formats, while maintaining a wider frequency range than conventional CDs. On high-quality headphones or speakers FLAC will show where the best sounding, which is obliged to satisfy audiophiles.From the beginning music store Technics will be available on the European market. In America, remember, is already available service Pono, launched by musician Neil young. Читать полностью -->

Portable refrigerator raised a record amount on Kickstarter - Cell phones

Portable mini fridge Coolest Cooler has become the most funded project in the history of social investment platform Kickstarter, surpassing the smart watch Pebble Entrepreneur Ryan Grepper from the United States was able to collect on the implementation of his ideas almost 10 million five hundred thousand dollars. It was supported by nearly 50 thousand people.Until the end of the campaign is little more than 2 days. At the beginning of Gripper was planned to involve in the manufacturing of refrigerator "only" $ 50 thousand. However, the Coolest Cooler so interested Internet users, that during the first 4 days they transferred him to 3, $ 2 million.Coolest Cooler than the mini-fridge, incorporates everything you need for a picnic - blender, flashlight, bottle opener, wheels for easy carrying. Also provides storage space for plates and Cutlery, removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker and built-in USB port for charging your smartphone.Pre-order the Coolest Cooler you can make from $ 165. Delivery is expected By the beginning of next year. Читать полностью -->

"Photo frames coming" looking for support on KickStarter - Cell phones

Digital photo frames long been sold in stores, but they can hardly be called a truly useful device - a clumsy slide show on the screens are not the greatest quality, have the opportunity to meet is that unassuming customers. Anyway, in the short time frame, it seems, can become part of the new trends in interior appearance. The project "future frames" already compete for investment on Kickstarter.Project 2 Framed. 0 already managed to collect the required sum of $ 75,000, although until the end of the campaign there is still almost a month. The device is a LCD display, which is planned to be used as a substitute for the paintings.The device prints on high-quality screen different artistic masterpieces, also it is able to work in mirror mode, because it has a front-facing HD camera. With its help it is possible not only to look at his reflection, but also to manage unusual "frame" using gestures.In the accompanying smartphone app the user will have the ability to upload different pictures, schedule change images and so on. Читать полностью -->

Wikipedia can now be edited with the iPhone - Cell phones

Ogromneishee online Encylopedia Wikipedia has released the edited app for i-devices. It has changed both externally and internal, and began to load faster. Code mobile Wikipedia has been rewritten from scratch.The previous program was created by HTML, JavaScript and CSS using an open framework PhoneGap and really acted as a "wrapper" web version. Code new "Wikipedia" written in "native" for many iOS applications programming language Objective-C that allows it to load less data from the Internet.A new approach was reflected in the interface, which has become more simple and straightforward. A field for entering search queries ceased to be a non-stop sight - now it expands when clicking on the icon with the magnifying glass. To share an article, click on the icon in the lower right corner. Читать полностью -->

Yahoo bought fotomessaggi Cooliris - Cell phones

The firm Yahoo has announced the acquisition of mobile app developer Cooliris. Izvestia the development of this start - up application BeamIt, which allows owners of smartphones and tablet computers to share photos.Cooliris was founded in 2006. The company raised a total amount of 27, 6 million from several investors, including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Deutsche Telekom's T-Venture, The Westly Group and DAG Ventures.In addition Beamit, she also created the eponymous "3D wall" to navigate through the photos and other multimedia content and a platform for advertising on mobile devices Adijitsu, which was sold to a subsidiary of Singtel Amobee in 2012. In addition, not so long ago, Cooliris has released an application that allows you to view pictures, collected from several services, such as Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox.Under what conditions made a deal with Yahoo, is unknown. Note That all 17 employees of a start-up will go into the development center, which is located in, Sunnyvale (California). As for Cooliris products, they will continue to exist "for some time".. Читать полностью -->

The set-top box Apple TV updated interface - Cell phones

After the release of iOS 8 is a new OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - the Company Apple has released a software update for set-top box Apple TV (third generation). New firmware brought on device "fresh" appearance in the style of iOS, with fonts thin face and flat icons, as well as Beats Music channel music service, which was bought by Apple in the last month of summer in conjunction with the manufacturer of headphones, Beats Electronics.A number of functions went to the Apple TV from iOS 8." Family access allows you to combine multiple accounts Apple ID in the group, and to pay a single credit card for the purchase of music, movies and television programs. Content purchased from the iTunes (for multimedia), iBooks (books) and App Store (apps), will be synchronized with devices of all family members (up to 6 people)."ICloud photo archive", also appeared in iOS 8, it allows you to view pictures and videos stored in the cloud. So, on the top you can now open pictures that were made on the Apple tablet and iPhone.". . . Читать полностью -->

Oppo teases new smartphone with rotating camera - Cell phones

Chinese Company Oppo has posted in the social network Google render has not yet announced a smartphone N3. The new model, like the N1, will receive the rotary photo module, which will give the opportunity to shoot in practice every angle." Pocket that can hold the lens and dual flash, is styled "under the skin" - as the back cover part of the Galaxy devices manufactured by Samsung.The rest of the "back" of the phone look like plastic, and its body is covered with a metal frame. It may be that the teaser sealed alternative packaging apparatus, as in the Oppo first confirmed that N3 will be released in 2 versions: stainless steel and alloy of aluminum and lithium.The official Presentation of N3 is scheduled for Wednesday, October 29. A press conference will be held in Singapore."Cameraphone" tipped 5, 9-inch screen (1080p), the latest chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and 3 gigabytes of RAM. 13 - or 16-megapixel camera apparatus with a dual-led flash), according to one version, will be able to rotate around the axis 206 degrees.The first Model in the series, N1, was announced in September 2013. She received the innovative "eye" on the hinge, made of 67 different components. Читать полностью -->

Instagram got "swarkestone" filters - Cell phones

The social network instagram continues to improve. The service has acquired five new filters, support slow (so-called slow motion videos. Also, instagram has learned to adjust the perspective of the frame.Fresh filters Is Slumber, Crema, Perpetua, Ludwig and Aden. The hallmark of the new color "lenses" was their softness. They do not change the picture too much and is designed to improve the image remaining ratio is invisible. This is because the first generation of filters in the social network appeared in the times when the quality of the mobile camera was in relation to low - their main task then was the smoothing of the disadvantages of the picture. Читать полностью -->

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