YouTube has added a video with 60 frames per second - Cell phones

The YouTube belonging to the organization's Google allowed to upload videos with a speed of 48 and 60 frames per second. This will provide a much smoother and realistic reproduction of the rollers. Until recently, the framerate on the Internet representation was limited to 24.To enter the video at 60 fps " in the coming months," said the CEO of YouTube Susan Wolitski, speaking at the Symposium VidCon in June. A greater number of exchangeable frames to provide smooth movements and special effects. So, this most will be happy gamers, loads of hosting video game or a demonstration of the gameplay, as well as the film, "flood" trailers.As pointed out by TechCrunch, a new opportunity has the ability to be not available in all browsers. Need to make sure you have the latest versions of modern browsers (Chrome, Safari), but for the movie meets the built-in HTML5 Player (in most cases), but not third-party plug-in like Adobe Flash).Official statements of support for "high-frequency" video Authorized Internet representation until not made. Читать полностью -->

Apple has launched an online version of their maps to search for "iPhone" - Cell phones

The company Apple, which is almost two years earlier did not want from Google Maps in iOS 6, replacing them with his own, launched a web version of the maps. They are now available for service Find My Phone to iCloud. Com, which helps to establish the whereabouts of the i-device.Find My Phone remained the last service, which Apple used a competing solution. In 2012, remember, the Google Maps app was "expelled" from iOS 6. Also "six" lost YouTube.The new program, however, was met by a barrage of opponents from users who were dissatisfied with the fact that step-by-step navigation is working correctly, and maps often is outdated names. It is believed that because of the scandal with the "Cards" was sent in the resignation of a top Manager of Apple Scott Forstall responsible for the development of iOS. Читать полностью -->

On the Internet there are photos of the iPhone 6 in original packaging - Cell phones

Live photos published in weekend the British edition Techradar, for the first time depicted has not yet announced the iPhone 6 in original boxes. The magazine claims that the materials obtained from one of the testers Apple.If you believe the images, the appearance of the packaging of the iPhone 6 in comparison with the previous year, when they came out the iPhone 5s and 5c, has not changed - by itself. With the exception of images of the gadget. The shots also featured the phone itself, apparently, with screen sizes of 4, 7 inches.Techradar emphasizes that the magazine had carefully studied the EXIF data sent photos and footage on the subject of "photoshop", but nothing suspicious noticed. At the same time, it is unclear why the shots never appears back side of the device, which is often applied configuration information, certification marks, Etc., This may mean that we have before us in reality carefully crafted "self-made" box and one of the prototypes of the device, a photo of which has long been strolling through the pages of Internet publications.Remember, the presentation of the next flagship smartphone, Apple is expected to take place on 9 September. In addition to the new Moodle with a larger screen 4, 7 inches it is also possible announcement 5, 5 inch "plantation" and wear of the device, most likely smart watch.With the approach of the expected date of announcement information (as well as informal) about the iPhone 6 is becoming known more and more. Читать полностью -->

ASUS will introduce a smartphone with dual camera - Cell phones

It seems that the use of the camera module immediately with 2 sensors and lenses is another "trick" the smartphone manufacturers trying to give us something to stand out among competitors. After Huawei, presented last week "douglasii" smartphone Honor 6 Plus, similar the new product is going to show ASUS.Plans to release the device with unusual camera Company clearly hinted by videoteam posted on the official Facebook page. The video shows the contours of the smartphone with a design reminiscent of the Zenfone line, and in the 1st frame dual camera flashes. The unusual photo-solution hints and slogan - "See what others don't see".In the case of apparatus Huawei dual camera allows you to take pictures, focus where you can change after the shooting. In addition, the module allows you to make high-quality HDR photos and after installation until not ready software update) to shoot 3D video.Focusing on the publish to Facebook with the hashtags, ASUS will present "two-chamber" smartphone at the exhibition CES 2015 in the United States, which kicks off on January 5.. . Читать полностью -->

Apple will spend a record amount on the development of the data center - Cell phones

The Apple company is going to spend $ 2 billion to develop a new high-tech data center. This investment will be the largest in recorded history of the organization.Due to these money the manufacturer re-equiped iPhone and iPad ruined factory for the production of sapphire glass in Arizona in the most advanced data center in the world." This project is ogromneishee investment from all that we have ever done," said Commissioner Apple. Investment is 10 years and the service life of the data center Appointed in 30 years. He will be responsible for data transfer of all services Apple, including iTunes, iCloud and Siri.The data center will need more than 650 employees, which will ensure its functioning. However, in contrast to other data centers, the project Apple will be the greenest in the world - in practice all his energy, he will draw from the powerful solar panel system.Remember, before Apple was planning to build Arizona's largest factory for the production of sapphire glass. However, the Company GT Advanced Technologies, which volunteered to implement the project and concluded with Apple multi-year contract for production and delivery of sapphire, eventually failed with the organization of production and gave a message about bankruptcy.For comparison, the $ 2 billion - presumably the same, how much is the annual budget of Moldova, substantially more than the annual budget of Mongolia, approximately two times larger than the budget of Tajikistan.. Читать полностью -->

Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cell phones

Apple at the press event in Cupertino unveiled two new iPhone models. The device is made in a new appearance and differ from its predecessors is more angular design, as well as the size and screen resolution.Device called the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PLus. The first model has a screen with a diagonal of 4, 7 inches (resolution 1334 x 750 pixels), the second - 5, 5-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels). The screens are covered with " ion-strengthened glass, and the back panel is made of aluminum (" Apple" logo - stainless steel). Power button/lock moved to the side of the Device until it is easier to reach. The thickness of the iPhone 6 PLus is only 7, 1 mm, at 0, 5 mm thinner than the iPhone 5s. Читать полностью -->

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