Apple has updated Mac OS x without the knowledge of users of Mobile phones

In order to protect Mac users from hacker attacks, Firm Apple for the first time "no demand" has installed the security update on their computers. Before any updates require confirmation from the host computer.Automatic updates protects any "poppies" from not so long ago discovered vulnerabilities CVE - 2014 - 9295 that affects all OSes family of OS X, and Linux or Unix." The hole was discovered in the NTP Protocol providing synchronization of computer clocks. It allows an attacker to gain remote supervision system.Authorized Apple told reporters that the update is installed entirely on its own and does not even require a PC reboot. Experts, However, the stress associated with such an operation risk if the update will unintentionally slip error, remote auto update time can make tens of million computers unusable.When will the user may deprive Apple of possibilities without the demand to Install it on the new computer. To do this in the system settings you should go to "App Store" and in the options automatic updates to uncheck "Install system files and security updates". You have to understand that you make the computer more vulnerable To cyber attacks.. Читать полностью -->

Driven thought laser show has transformed the French temple - Cell phones

Frequently used smartphone in the temple is at least ill-mannered. But not in the Paris Cathedral of Saint-Eustache. Using a special mobile app you can manage a stunning laser show projected on the walls of the building.Unusual installation was named Shooting Thoughts (can be translated as "Shooting thoughts" ). Artist Philip Vilas-Boas makes the space of the temple in a special canvas for different star shapes. It looks fabulous. Words to describe difficult - it is better to simply watch a video.The project is called Shooting Thoughts because of the movement of the laser stars are defined text messages, where people share their thoughts. Читать полностью -->

Paul McCartney will reissue their albums in the form of iOS apps - Cell phones

Famous member of the Beatles Paul McCartney will release five of their albums in the form of interactive apps for the iPad. While they will cost even cheaper than those albums in iTunes.In mobile apps would become the album "Band on the Run", "McCartney", "McCartney II", "RAM", and "Wings over America". in addition to the specifically musical compositions in applications will include interviews, pictures, arts, rehearsal videos and other bonus content for fans.It should be noted that the cost of each app in the App Store will be 5, 49 pounds (about 323 rubles), while those albums on iTunes are from 8 to eleven pounds. So, for less money users will receive not only music, but also additional content.Remember that Paul McCartney is not the 1st performer, turned own album in the iOS app. One of the first was the Icelandic singer Bjork, who in 2011 released in the form of software for the iPad album Biophilia. Together with songs in Appendix attended scores, entertainment insertion, music essay, games and lots of slides with performances of the singer. Читать полностью -->

Nexus X: everything we know about the new mobile Google phone - Cell phones

"Reference" Android smartphone is the sixth generation, which Google will produce the Motorola will come out in October-November. About it informs the website as phonearena citing informed sources. Individual views on the news, the Internet search engine to cater for not going.The final name for the Google Nexus 6 is not already selected. Internally the model XT1100 called Nexus X, and a high probability that it will keep the brand at the time of the sale. The fact that the name "Nexus 6" may turn out to organize the claim of the descendants of playwright Philip K. dick was one of the heroes of the story " Dreams do androids of electric sheep?", which then was placed cult movie "blade Runner". Читать полностью -->

IMac with super fine screens already on the way - Cell phones

Apple, in practice, has completed testing of new models of iMac computers with screens ultra-high resolution "Retina". about it informs 9to5mac. Com citing a source, claiming that already had a new candy bar.Outwardly iMac sample end of 2014 will not be different from the models presented two years earlier and with a thin, tapering to the edges of the screen housing. At the same time, filling the monoblocks will become significantly more powerful, to at least provide a smooth and fast rendering a huge number of pixels on the display. In addition, fresh iMac will be equipped with improved Wi-Fi modules.The magazine suggests that the official announcement of new products will take place at the same time with the debut of the next desktop OS Apple OS X 10. 10 Yosemite. Читать полностью -->

Samsung Electronics has warned of a sharp fall in profit - Cell phones

Samsung Electronics has released an official warning to shareholders, saying that its profit in the 3rd quarter was almost 60% lower than the year before. The reasons for this was the growing competition in the smartphone market, a declining supply of screens and falling prices on TVs.The company said Tuesday that the operating profit for the quarter, zakanchivauschiesya September, will be 3, 8 billion. This is almost 60% less than the Company earned in the same quarter the year before. The average forecast of respondents Thomson Reuters analysts Samsung quarterly profit amounted to 5, $ 2 billion.Quarterly sales fell to 44 billion, a 20% year-to-year. The official financial report of Samsung in the last quarter will be posted in the coming days.Explaining the drop in profits, Samsung said that despite the growth of smartphone shipments, the profitability of this business decreased due to increased marketing costs, as well as the shift of demand towards cheaper devices. The company makes a promise to fight it with the help of a new line of devices and Usually the lower price segments. Читать полностью -->

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