Google is preparing a "baby" version of the popular services - Cell phones

The world's biggest search engine, Google, plans to adapt some of its products for up to 12 years. Special "baby" versions have the opportunity to appear from the Internet search, video sharing YouTube and the Chrome browser."The main motivation for the employees of the organization that we all have children, and are striving to make our products a pleasant and safe for children," said the newspaper USA Today, Pavni Diwanji, Vice President of Google to create heading "child" initiative.According to Diwanji, organizations realize that adaptation of the popular products for the youngest audience can cause many issues. However, the mother of two daughters (8 and 13) believes that children are somehow already tightly interact with Internet technology." for this reason, the best approach is to simply provide the technology application [kids] best way," she said.Google suggest in a new, tailored products to give parents more opportunities to regulate and monitor their use by children. The approximate time of appearance of new versions of products and applications Google until not called.. . . Читать полностью -->

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