The set-top box Apple TV updated interface - Cell phones

After the release of iOS 8 is a new OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - the Company Apple has released a software update for set-top box Apple TV (third generation). New firmware brought on device "fresh" appearance in the style of iOS, with fonts thin face and flat icons, as well as Beats Music channel music service, which was bought by Apple in the last month of summer in conjunction with the manufacturer of headphones, Beats Electronics.A number of functions went to the Apple TV from iOS 8." Family access allows you to combine multiple accounts Apple ID in the group, and to pay a single credit card for the purchase of music, movies and television programs. Content purchased from the iTunes (for multimedia), iBooks (books) and App Store (apps), will be synchronized with devices of all family members (up to 6 people)."ICloud photo archive", also appeared in iOS 8, it allows you to view pictures and videos stored in the cloud. So, on the top you can now open pictures that were made on the Apple tablet and iPhone.". . . Читать полностью -->

Oppo teases new smartphone with rotating camera - Cell phones

Chinese Company Oppo has posted in the social network Google render has not yet announced a smartphone N3. The new model, like the N1, will receive the rotary photo module, which will give the opportunity to shoot in practice every angle." Pocket that can hold the lens and dual flash, is styled "under the skin" - as the back cover part of the Galaxy devices manufactured by Samsung.The rest of the "back" of the phone look like plastic, and its body is covered with a metal frame. It may be that the teaser sealed alternative packaging apparatus, as in the Oppo first confirmed that N3 will be released in 2 versions: stainless steel and alloy of aluminum and lithium.The official Presentation of N3 is scheduled for Wednesday, October 29. A press conference will be held in Singapore."Cameraphone" tipped 5, 9-inch screen (1080p), the latest chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and 3 gigabytes of RAM. 13 - or 16-megapixel camera apparatus with a dual-led flash), according to one version, will be able to rotate around the axis 206 degrees.The first Model in the series, N1, was announced in September 2013. She received the innovative "eye" on the hinge, made of 67 different components. Читать полностью -->

Instagram got "swarkestone" filters - Cell phones

The social network instagram continues to improve. The service has acquired five new filters, support slow (so-called slow motion videos. Also, instagram has learned to adjust the perspective of the frame.Fresh filters Is Slumber, Crema, Perpetua, Ludwig and Aden. The hallmark of the new color "lenses" was their softness. They do not change the picture too much and is designed to improve the image remaining ratio is invisible. This is because the first generation of filters in the social network appeared in the times when the quality of the mobile camera was in relation to low - their main task then was the smoothing of the disadvantages of the picture. Читать полностью -->

Navdy projects applications in car windshield - Cell phones

American startup Navdy started taking pre-orders on the same projector with a HUD display, which displays on the windshield of the car different data - current agility of movement, travel route, incoming call or SMS. The device connects to the onboard computer and syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth.Truly, Navdy is a small Pico projector at the base Android that displays a transparent image in front of eyes. Its peculiarity lies in the presence of infrared camera and microphone. So, users have the ability to control the phone by using gestures and voice commands, without removing It from pocket or handbag.All information is displayed on a split screen. For example, when a call or SMS Navdy will show the client's name or the text very close to the route. If led will want to answer the call or read an email, it will be sufficient to give a voice command or perform a gesture.Novelty can be ordered for $ 299. Читать полностью -->

Developers Siri create a learning assistant - Cell phones

The team that used in iOS audio assistant Siri, has announced its intention to make the perfect voice assistant Viv. The program must cross all the inherent Siri limits and will have the opportunity to learn on their own.On a new project work Adam Cheyer, Tom Graber and Doug Kittlaus. In contrast, from Siri, Viv will be able to connect to third-party applications to query the data. Because of this proshestvii some time Viv will be able perfectly to know your user, which will allow the system to answer any queries.The developers emphasize that this Viv can be "infinite". With each new connected app, the system will become smarter. Ultimately Viv should be able in practice to accurately predict the needs and desires of the user.. Читать полностью -->

For Android released 18 796 different devices - Cell phones

The fragmentation of the Android platform is that there are a variety of gadgets, where she works has set a new record. According to the analytical report of the organization OpenSignal, "green robot" provides 18 796 different models of gadgets:Last year at this time, the figure was eleven 868 devices, i.e. the range within one year increased to an estimated 7 000 items. The data obtained on the basis of statistics 682 000 downloads application OpenSignal, which is used for civil monitoring of the cellular networks.If you look at the distribution device according to the brands, the result is hardly surprising: 43% of all devices on which users put the OpenSignal app, bear the logo of the Korean Samsung. On the 2nd place (4, 8%) - LG, followed by Sony, Motorola, Huawei and other manufacturers.Equally diverse looks and the picture with the position of the versions of the operating system of Google. In fresh Android, KitKat 4. Читать полностью -->

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