Startup Plastc will replace all credit cards are one - Cell phones

Next summer will begin delivery Plastc - digital map, which stores data on Bank credit cards, passes, loyalty cards in one place. To synchronize with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Plastc gives you the ability to switch between 20 different cards and barcodes using the touchscreen on the basis of "electronic ink".In addition, the "magic" card supports NFC (like the iPhone 6 hours and Apple Watch), built-in EMV chip card readers last generation, as well as RFID tag for use Plastc, for example, in the form of a badge in the office.Charge card is right in the wallet, if you put it on a special "Mat". in offline mode it will live up to 30 days. The founding team members assure that the use of Plastc absolutely safe. For this adopted activities such as a PIN code on the display or adding to memory only cards that display the name of owner.In case of loss of the device it will be possible to remotely wipe all data. Читать полностью -->

An alternative to the Turing test will assess the imagination computers - Cell phones

Associate Professor Georgia Institute of Technology in USA mark ridge made the initiative alternative to the Turing test, which tries to find out whether the computer can think. If the test formulated by scientist Alan Turing in 1950, was assumed to be regular dialogue between man and machine to identify the latest intelligence, the idea of the ridge consists of checking for the presence of creative abilities.Ridge called own system Lovelace 2. 0. Under test, for example, people may ask the testing program or the computer to invent a story in which the child falls in love with a girl, the aliens kidnap the boy and the girl saves the world using the talking cat". it is expected that people will be able to easily develop such a plot, and artificial intelligence, he is stumped.In addition, the machine can be given any other job on the reasonableness relating to the art - for example, ask them to draw a picture, subject to compliance with certain requirements. They are required to be non-standard, so the program could not find a template or a solution in Google.For comparison, in order to pass the Turing test, the computer enough to convince the examiner that he is talking with another person.. Читать полностью -->

Rumor: iPad Pro will provide stylus - Cell phones

Last year, Apple has already defied the covenants of Steve jobs, who stated that the smartphone is not required to be wider than the first iPhone. Soon, perhaps, will go against and rejection of styluses (" if you see a stylus, which means it's a failure" ).According to AppleInsider. Com referring to an analytical memo expert KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, pen to facilitate creative work and have the ability to equip "iPad Pro". This model of the tablet is increased to 12, 9 inch screen diagonal able to release in 2015. Specialist specifies as the source of their research, as well as numerous patents Apple in the field of styluses.Remember, it is Ming-Chi Kuo in the past year in spring predicted resolution screen of the new iPhone and several other features introduced in sale only in autumn novelties. Feedback from expert stylus will likely be an optional accessory, not included in the kit iPad Pro.Maybe at first it will be quite simple stylus, rechargeable using the Lightning connector, but later it will be able to add support for additional functions. Читать полностью -->

KizON: baby smart bracelet from LG Cell phones

The company LG has announced a "smart" bracelet KizON, which allows parents to track the whereabouts of their children. Because of the built-in GPS and Wi-Fi Electronic device capable of real-time to provide data about the home of the child, and send it to mobile phones adults.KizON working in 2G and 3G networks, equipped with 64 MB of RAM and internal storage volume of 125 MB. If the battery (capacity - 400 mA*h) is fully charged, it must last for 36 hours. In this case, parents will receive notification If the battery level drops below 25%, dimensions: 34, h, h, 9 mm.KizON equipped with 2 interesting features. First - One Step Direct Call will automatically connect parents to the built-in microphone, if the child does not answer the call within 10 seconds. The second Location Reminder - provides adults with an opportunity to set up automatic alerts about the location of the child at a certain time during the day.At home LG in South Korea, the new product will be released tomorrow. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft fired a record number of employees - Cell phones

The company Microsoft, which in April completed the acquisition of a "phone" Nokia business, is preparing to conduct a large-scale reduction of staff over the last 5 years. On mass dismissals and replacements has the ability to be announced already this week, reports Bloomberg citing informed sources.As expected, their own places in the most deprived ex-Nokia employees working in the departments, functions which duplicate each loved one, as well as PR and developers. In addition, under the reduce will get testirovanie software and marketers involved in Xbox games. The press service of the organization from comments abstained.This year, with the acquisition of the mobile division of Nokia, the number of employees, Microsoft has increased by 30 thousand people. On 5 June, the staff consisted of 127 104 of the employee.Personnel restructuring may be the most significant in the history of Windows developer. Own "record" Microsoft has set in 2009, when the recession in the U.S. Читать полностью -->

The buyers have problems with pre-order iPhone 6 - Cell phones

This morning in the United States opened accepting pre-orders for fresh smartphones Apple - iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shown on 9 September. In addition to the United States, to order new items could residents in nine other countries of the "first wave" sales: UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico and Singapore.In the United States book sixth iPhones are three ways: through the online Apple store, operators (AT& T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile) or in retail stores, including Best Buy, Target and Walmart. The machine will begin to deliver the first buyers on 19 September.The demand for new products expected were great. Most buyers are faced with obstacles in the application. In the U.S. online Apple store worked intermittently, often was not issued error, and it is pointed out that all models of the new iPhones available for purchase. Читать полностью -->

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