Fresh "poppies" and Yosemite: everything you need to know - Cell phones

The Apple company yesterday held a presentation of new products. Update raised the iPads, as well as two "poppy" - 27-inch AIO all-in-one iMac, received the ultra-crisp Retina screen 5K and mini the Mac mini, which has installed more efficient filling.Very important in the new "aimag" is his super fine 5K-panel, which has excellent resolution in x pixels. Placed therein, said Apple, 14, 7 million points. This is four times more than last year's iMac, 67% more than in 4K resolution, and 7 times more than in the HDTV (1080p). Despite This, the updated monoblock uses 30% less energy than its predecessor.The panel is very thin - only 1, 4 mm. The screen has its own "brain", namely the new chip Timing controller (TCON), which speaks to each pixel, when and what to do.". Читать полностью -->

High-speed mail Mailbox was released on the "poppies" - Cell phones

Developers of mobile email client Mailbox has released the open beta version of its app for the operating system OS X. the New application, known for speed, handling correspondence, incorporates a proprietary function, which gives the possibility to postpone the letter to read at a more convenient time.For example, using the Mailbox for Macs, you can make the letter was later opened on a mobile device, or Vice versa. Gestures to quickly control the flow of incoming messages in the desktop version of the same that the "iPhones". Swiping a finger across the touch panel Apple Trackpad or Magic Mouse, you can, for example, to instantly empty the trash or spam folder. There were also corrected certain errors associated with the inability to send mail with attachment using an alias.Mailbox for iOS was released in the spring of 2013, and a year later was followed by an Android version. The app is a cross between the usual "program" and the task Manager. Читать полностью -->

BitTorrent is to raise money for a Television series - Cell phones

The creators of the most popular communication Protocol via the Internet, used by all the torrent trackers, has launched a new project. BitTorrent offers users to support the crowd-funding the development of new television shows and other content.The new service will be launched at the base of an existing project BitTorrent Bundle. So, the website turns into a kind of hybrid of social investment platform Kickstarter and online cinema like Netflix or Hulu.First thing in BitTirrent will begin to raise money for the television series Children of Machine (" Child Machine" ), created by Marco Weber. Before the Director laid out in BitTirrent Bundle pilot episode of their project, which can be viewed free of charge. To discover the funds for the remaining eight episodes, it asks users to donate 10 dollars.Remember, the BitTorrent Protocol is involved in many trackers, including The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, Mininova and Rutracker used, and among them, for the illegal sharing of digital content. Technology provides the opportunity to place on the Internet representation links to music, videos and other content that is physically stored on computers of other users. Читать полностью -->

The new application " Yandex. Parking will help Moscow drivers - Mobile phones

The largest search engine, has released a new mobile application " Yandex. Parking", which is designed for quick search (and in the database there is not only municipal, and private Parking), select and pay for a Parking space. The program can display the workload Parking online.The program is written in the application infrastructure from Yandex. So, on the "Maps" you can see all the nearest Parking lot, and in the "Navigator" to build the optimal route to the selected Parking lot. Using Yandex. Money", the user can quickly pay the Price of Parking with your own cards, mobile phone account or e-wallet.The Program can issue predvideni about the fact that the paid Parking time machine ends. Читать полностью -->

The Creator of The Pirate Bay has recognized unlawful for hacking - Cell phones

The Danish court found the co-founder of the popular torrent tracker the Pirate Bay Gottfried of Svartholma guilty of hacking. Now he faces 6 years in prison.Svartholma accused of hacking into the databases of the organization CSC. According to the comments of the court, the Creator of The Pirate Bay by computer hacking gained unauthorized access to stored on the servers of the organization documents of the police organization. The judge found it "unlikely" the arguments of counsel, insisting on the fact that the computer Svartholma used to carry out hacking attacks without his knowledge. What kind of punishment awaits main pirate Internet is still unknown - the court has not declared it. According to the Danish legislation, Gottfried faces up to 6 years in prison.At this time Svartholm placed in detention for almost a year. Читать полностью -->

Ultra slim iPad Air 2 took in every detail - Cell phones

Before the announcement of the new tablet computers Apple stayed another week, but one of the devices already fell into the hands of Asian bloggers. Vietnamese site Tinhte. Vn has posted a series of excellent photographs of iPad Air 2 (click on image to enlarge).Fundamental differences from presumably released a year before the iPad Air phone no. At the same time, Apple could make it even more fine - just 7 mm, For it had to pay convenient for many control - side switch, blocked the automatic rotation of the screen, the new items are missing.On the contrary iPad now, After the iPhone got the fingerprint sensor Touch ID built into the Home button. Knapke adjust Horikoshi sunk into the body, because the new iPhone 6 - 6 Plus. Finally, round hole arrays built-in speakers on the bottom edge of the body have become larger and are now located in one row is probably also associated with the reduced thickness of the gadget.. Читать полностью -->

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