Instagram creates competitor Snapchat - Cell phones

Administration instagram has placed inside of its Android client a link to the new application Bolt. In the description it was said that it is for sharing photos in one tap". Pressing the button FREE (" FREE" ), however, did not lead: she typed on a blank page in the Google Play store.Apparently, instagram released an advertising banner prematurely. Download link Bolt, which appeared suddenly and was gone within fifteen minutes, I saw only a few users. Anyway, some of them managed to make screenshots and upload them to Twitter.Remember that the organization's Facebook, which owns instagram, already has its own video and fotomessaggi - Slingshot. It was conceived as a competitor to the popular app Snapchat, which allows to exchange with my pals, messages, photos and videos, which are automatically deleted after a specified time.Slingshot also appeared previously scheduled: Annex briefly appeared in the App Store, but it was soon withdrawn. Читать полностью -->

Bluetooth 4. 2 will be 2 times faster - Cell phones

The new standard Bluetooth 4. 2 will enable devices to access the world wide web directly. This may be a turning point for the spread of the concept of "Internet of things". Bluetooth 4. 2 is obliged to provide improved privacy and reduced power consumption.Non-profit organization The Bluetooth Special Interest Group said that the new standard is required to initiate a broad dissemination of the concept of "Internet of things" - smart home gadgets that will make life easier and more convenient. For example, light bulbs, thermometers, home appliances and so on will be able to communicate with each other and access the world wide web Ipv6/6LoWPAN using Bluetooth.Bluetooth 4. Читать полностью -->

HTC is preparing the camera for extreme sports Cell phones

The company HTC has been developing action camera for surfers, divers, skiers and extreme sports. Rival GoPro promise waterproof high-strength housing, a 16-megapixel image sensor and a wide angle lens.According to Bloomberg citing an informed source, the device has a cylindrical shape. It will have the opportunity to work with Both iPhone and Android smartphones, and To transfer data between them will be used Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For camera, it is likely that the Company will release a companion mobile app.The novelty is expected to represent 8 October - at this date, HTC has appointed a press conference in new York, the agenda of which is kept secret. At the same event has the ability to be announced "selfi smartphone" and that no more than Perhaps a smart watch.Market action cameras can be a new source of profit for HTC, which has sales of Android-based smartphones continues to decline. One of the leaders in this direction is the GoPro. Читать полностью -->

Qualcomm "cool" Snapdragon 810 for Samsung Cell phones

The largest manufacturer of mobile processors Qualcomm will recycle the Snapdragon processor 810, in the hope that he will still arise in the future flagship of Samsung Galaxy S6. First Korean Company decided to abandon the product of Qualcomm, because the test samples it was very overheated.It is not clear, will the Qualcomm processor to process the required Samsung timing smartphone, according to the summary data, are going to announce on March 2. If the American chipmaker will not have time, Koreans will use the chips of its production. According to rumors, the announcement of Galaxy S6 must occur at the beginning of March, at the Symposium Mobile World Congress.Interaction with Samsung critical to Qualcomm. Supply processors for Galaxy S6 will enable the organization to sell millions of chips. Moreover, to become a "heart" for the main Android flagship is an important tool for the reputation of the manufacturer.Some experts believe that Samsung still nourishes the hope that Qualcomm will have time to process chips. Читать полностью -->

Plantation Apple will offer users an adapted interface - Cell phones

The larger of the 2 models of the iPhone 6, which Apple is expected to present 9 September, will be able to display in some applications a More informative interface. Such a possibility was found by the developers, by manipulating the settings of the iOS simulator 8.As expected, the screen resolution 5, 5-inch plantation Apple will make 1472 x 828 pixels. Setting the iOS simulator 8 proper resolution interface developer Stephen Trouton-Smith discovered an interesting behavior of the number of embedded applications.On a normal iPhone, for example, the Contacts during the rotation of the screen in landscape mode displays the same list, just "stretched" in width. On the iPad in a similar position, the program displays a list of contacts in the left column of the screen, on the right you can view the details of each record.How do I find Trouton-Smith, "big" iPhone 6 Apple was allowed to withdraw the tips in a more informative, "tablet" mode. It can be assumed that a similar opportunity will have third party apps. It turns out that the owners of larger smartphone will have not only increased the screen, but with the mind which will involve its dimensions software.. Читать полностью -->

EBay starts to work with the Russian shops - Cell phones

Almost the biggest Internet shopping sites, eBay, begins to cooperate with the Russian shops. The first access to it will get large online merchants.Officially, the Russian Magazinov on eBay expect to declare September 30, however, Authorized 4-h organizations have already confirmed to Vedomosti fact the beginning of cooperation with the court. Among the new Russian partners, eBay, the leading online players, for example e5. EN (belongs to X5 Retail Group), shop tools "220 volts" and Wikimart.Authorized eBay Karina Grosheva agreed to "Vedomosti" quick start cooperation with Russian sellers, while refusing to mention the real shops participating in the project.Until now, remember, eBay was for Russian citizens only site to purchase items abroad, to the same platform is very popular. According to the information at the end of 2013 eBay was treated with about 90 000 applications from Russian citizens daily.. . Читать полностью -->

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