LG was intrigued by all the smart clock - Cell phones

The smart watch with round dial Moto 360 caused at the time of the announcement of far more interest than their rectangular counterparts from Samsung and LG. Koreans were not confused and have developed their round smart-watch the LG G Watch R that nazivaut proposed Motorola concept.A new Electronic device LG demonstrated in the video teaser. The company makes a promise that the more the public will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the development of the exhibition IFA 2014 (she starts September 5).If you trust the roller, LG developed the concept of Moto 360. If at all hours from Motorola at the bottom of the hull remained technologically necessary black area, the screen G Watch To be completely round. On the right side of the device is a physical button. The device will be able to work as lagometer, replacing "smart" bracelets. Читать полностью -->

Twitter turns favorites retweets - Cell phones

Twitter continues to conduct experiments on the users. Part of individuals using started to complain that in addition to retweets in their news feeds, it now sees and messages, which added to my favorite accounts on which they signed.Remember, the microblogging service Twitter users there are two types of "incentives" favourite records. Retweet puts an interesting post in the ribbon user, showing it to all subscribers. Mark with an asterisk "favorite" is analogous to the "husky", allowing to encourage wrote the post and add your favourite tweet in a separate list - for example, to later quietly read the publication on the included link. Also "favorite" tweets otobrajaetsya in the ribbon "Activity".Anyway, the display of "favorite" tweets in strips subscribers under this case turns this function in similar retweet, by adjusting the difference between the 2 ways of disseminating information from their podpiska. Also Twitter has started to notify their users directly in the ribbon about what accounts subscribed to their friends.The reaction of users to the innovation has been mostly negative. Читать полностью -->

Mozilla will be allowed to play computer games right in your browser - Cell phones

Most gamers know the service outlet's collections Humble Bundle, acting on the system "pay as you want". Game collection, and previously, most often, were multiplatform, but the new collection, made from eight games, it will be possible to run directly in the browser.Part of the collection includes games like Osmos, Voxatron, Dustforce, FTL, Zen Bound 2, Aaaa for the awesome. To make these games fully work in the browser, Humble has done a great job in cooperation with the firm Mozilla (Firefox developer) using technologies such as WebGL and asm. Js. Users do not need to download Steam or install special plug-ins - just go to a game page using Firefox or Chrome and click on the "Play" button.The co-founder of Humble John Graham said that porting games to run in a browser requires a lot of work." I'm not willing to say that we customize all of our collections for work in the browser for one night, but we had expressed interest in the development of this area. This is not a one-time experience for us. Читать полностью -->

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