20% salons Samsung Russia has suspended the work - Cell phones

For the period From January of this year monobrand network Samsung in Russia decreased by 20%. About it writes the newspaper "Kommersant" citing informed sources. The press service of the organization confirmed that the number of outlets declined From 265 to 230. Authorized Samsung has connected this With the fact that some outlets were under the control of the retailer "White wind digital", which is currently under the process of recognition of economic insolvency.The sources also attribute the closing of saloons Samsung with falling sales of smartphones and tablet computers "premium" segment. According to an unnamed employee of a large retail networks, sales of the flagship Galaxy S5 was twice lower than last year's model S4. Because of this, he said, the manufacturer from Korea launched in the last month of summer promotion for the implementation of the smartphone bundled with the tablet for 31 thousand rubles.Authorized "M. Читать полностью -->

Twitter will help you not to miss an important record - Cell phones

The microblogging service Twitter has implemented a new feature that is designed to enhance the user experience. Each time you run the mobile client or the representation Twitter. Com user will receive a digest of the most important records published in its deficiency.Assignments will be displayed with the title "as long as you didn't have..." at the Beginning of the tape, how many "best tweets" will be included in them is not mentioned. Currently the function gradually make available to users of iOS apps, and then will include for Android and Twitter. Com.Twitter stated that the frequency of occurrence of "digest" will be depending on how often the subscriber uses Twitter and how much time is spent each time to read the tape. A selection of tweets for the assignment is based on the number of retweets, add to favorites, clicking on the link "and other factors".. Читать полностью -->

List stolen from Sony documents posted on the web - Cell phones

A few days ago, hackers attacked the corporate network, Sony Pictures studios, stealing ogromnye datasets and taking out the local network. Now anonymous hackers began the text of what fell into their hands.Still hacker group #GOP only publishes the names got them into the hands of files. Anyway, if Sony Pictures will not meet the requirements of intruders, hackers promise to publish everything they got, including the most important secrets.". . . . Читать полностью -->

"Smart" tattoo unlocks the smartphone - Cell phones

If you are worried about the lack of danger of personal data in the mobile phone, but do not like to remember the unlock codes, the ideal option for you may be "smart" tattoo working on NFC technology.The unusual life was represented by the Firm VivaInk in collaboration with Motorola. Still, the novelty is only compatible with the Motorola Moto X. Tattoo, despite its name, is more of a sticker, which is tightly attached to the skin. She is not afraid of water, so it is possible to bathe or swim. To unlock your smartphone, you can simply leaning it to the place that the pasted unusual Electronic device.As material for tattoo used a thin layer of copper. A device the size of a coin lasts about five days. Читать полностью -->

Samsung will start selling LTE smartphone for eleven, 000 rubles - Cell phones

Korean Samsung is preparing to release in Russia a new smartphone J1, representing a very accessible "crisis" solution. According to the official website of the retail network Samsung, until not announced the new product will have a value of eleven, 000 rubles. This device supports LTE networks. J1 will replace such devices as Samsung Galaxy Core LTE and Galaxy Ace 3 LTE.About the fact that Samsung is preparing a new "smart" budget phone, it was announced under the end of the previous year. Not so long ago, the network got the image novelties, as well as its technical parameters. Based on data on the Internet office of the official retail partner Samsung in Russia, for the version of the phone with one SIM card and LTE support will ask 10 990 rubles. Читать полностью -->

Update Unicode conquer racism in Emoji emoticons - Cell phones

The Emoji emoticons are used in smartphones worldwide by people of different nationalities. However, all the characters of the set of funny faces are light-skinned. Changes in the world Unicode standard are required to rectify this situation."Unicode" is one of the most major world standards, which standardizes the coding practice of any characters - letters from different alphabets, characters and mathematical symbols to the same emoticons. The development of the standard began in 1991, and in 2010 included in Unicode gained fame around the world Emoji.Now the same set of emoticons are waiting for a big change. The management of "Unicode" believes that in the current moment Emoji do not reflect the diversity of people around the world. The fact that these emoticons were created on the Japanese Islands - live in this country, in practice, only the "white" population, so that developers, apparently, is not thought necessary to include "blacks" emoticons.First of sets Emoji already been updated to make them more tolerant. Читать полностью -->

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