The first tablets on OSes from Yandex - Cell phones

Russian Company Yandex continues to develop its own operating system " Yandex. Kit" based on Android. At the base OS is already released several smartphones, and now commercially available and two tablets.Tablets with "Yandex" inside are produced under the brand Smarto. Two models are available: 8-inch Smarto 3GD52i (resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels) and 10-inch Smarto 3GDi10 (Full HD - 1920 x 1080). The Junior model is about 7 000 rubles, the eldest is about 10 000.Both devices are able to work in Wi-Fi and 3G networks, while using the 8-inch model, when you will, you can make calls. New work on the Intel Atom Z2580 with a frequency of 2 GHz. Читать полностью -->

The photo editor VSCO Cam has arisen iPad-version - Cell phones

The firm Visual Supply released a new version of VSCO Cam is a powerful editor photos with a minimalist interface. The list of devices supported by the application (iPhone/Android), was added iPad. Release 4. 0 not only drove under the clear, 9, 7-inch Retina display, and adapted to it.The application uses the working space of the tablet and makes it possible to compare two identical images with different degrees of processing (Preview Gallery), placing them opposite each other. So, users will be able to get the exact idea about what they want to watch.In addition, the new version did the sync feature, which allows you to edit the "iPad" photos taken on the iPhone, and Vice versa. Sync works on Android, so users now are not depending on a particular device.Another innovation VSCO Cam 4. Читать полностью -->

IPhone 6 blue in the pockets of his jeans - Cell phones

Immediately after the announcement of users around the world protested the presence on the back cover of the iPhone 6 ugly plastic strips. Now some complain that when wearing the device in the pocket of his jeans white plastic insert irreversibly colored fabric.Stripes on the iPhone case - dark grey black model and white in silver and gold is necessary in order for the device to work properly with the network, are beneath the antenna apparatus. However, as it turned out, the controversial design element of gadgets over time, can and does cause irreparable harm to the appearance of the phone.Users who carry the phone in a jeans pocket without a case, complain that plastic inserts over time, colored tissue, becoming blue or dirty-gray - it gives the phone a sleazy appearance. To clean the device has received the damage could not locate any soap or alcohol, or other household cleaners.The new generation iPhone immediately after his exit was at the center of scandals." Plantation" iPhone 6 Plus criticized the fact that it is too easy to bend. Recently iPhone 6 Plus Not only bent, but caught fire, causing its owner to serious burns.. . Читать полностью -->

Sony launched the world award for mobile photographers - Cell phones

International photo competition Sony World Photography Awards is one of the most prestigious professional photographers. It is now part of a new award for photos taken on a smartphone. To participate in the competition have the opportunity to even the non-professionals - the main thing is that the pictures were excellent."Any owner of a smartphone able to create a visual chronicle of everyday life. A new nomination in the competition program 2015 Sony World Photography Awards is the recognition of the freedom of creativity and confirmation that mobile photography has helped photographers to rethink the approach to art", - emphasized in the Sony.The company has Already started taking proceedings to contest on its Internet representation, it will last until February 27. The winner will go to the ceremony in London. We emphasize that the project Sony is not the first contest, which recognized the importance of mobile photography. Читать полностью -->

The U.S. will adopt unmanned boat - Cell phones

The naval forces of the USA are testing boats-drones with artificial intelligence." Smart court will be able to maneuver, to protect friendly ships and hit enemy targets without direct human intervention. The final decision about the attack, However, will be for the operator.The boat uses a new technology named CARACaS - management Architecture for command and sensing robotic agent. According to the website gCaptain, it can be placed aboard virtually any small vessel in the form of a mobile unit.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Rumor: LG G4 will get a screen with high resolution - Cell phones

The world wide web has merged a new batch of data has not yet announced its flagship mobile phone LG G4. Apparently, the device will get super clear screen with a huge mobile device resolution 1620 x 2880 pixels.Remember, LG has positioned G3 (read our review at the link) as 1st in the world smartphone with 2K resolution. The new leader can also be the record holder. A screenshot depicting the test result display of a device codenamed LG-VS999, was posted on the blog My LG Phones.Anyway, some experts doubt that LG really implements such a high resolution in his flagship. The fact that in relation to the small display of a mobile gadget, the human eye can hardly see a big difference between 2K and 3K resolution, but computing resources to display such images will require quite a lot. It may be that in the screenshot captured test data version gadget. Читать полностью -->

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