In OneDrive the restriction on the file size Cell phones

The company Microsoft has removed the 2 GB limit on the size of the file uploaded to cloud storage OneDrive. First about it said Reddit user under the nickname megaman821, and then came the confirmation from the developer of Windows.How much is the maximum limit currently in OneDrive, not reported. Dropbox, for comparison, the "weight" of a single file cannot exceed 10 GB on "Google Drive" to 5 terabytes."We started the process for a small number of users and continue it for all of our customers. More about this update, We will talk in the near future, stay tuned for blog OneDrive", - told the newspaper The Next Web in the press service of Microsoft.Tariff plans in OneDrive changes have not changed. Recall that a few days ago Dropbox has significantly reduced the rates for space for storing data and increased the maximum storage provided for a fee, up to a terabyte. This volume is now available for $ 10 per month (or per 100 per year). Читать полностью -->

The creators Blackphone was going to release "cryptoplasm" - Cell phones

Manufacturer of Silent Circle After the smartphone Blackphone, protected from eavesdropping, wants to release a tablet. According to co-founder of John Kallas, the new product should be out "soon".Blackphone, released in June 2014, allows you to make calls, send and receive SMS, share files and watch the sites with protected mode. This "tube" is compatible with any GSM carrier. The equipment consists of 4, 7-inch HD screen with IPS-matrix, 4-core chip NVIDIA Tegra 4i with a clock frequency of 2 GHz and 1 GB" of RAM".Kallas said that Blackphone is sold "very good", but his fame is limited by the specificity of the smartphone." We expect, because this device will be a niche, but that niche is growing every day," said he.Also the co-founder of Silent Circle hinted at plans to release new models Blackphone. Maybe some of them will be designed for a wider audience." Blackphone in the form in which it is at present - this is our first but not the last device," said Callas.Data encryption in Blackphone, remember, provides a modified version of Android PrivatOS. The "OSes" includes applications, applications such as Silent Phone, Silent Text, Silent Contacts, which will help to hide your calls, SMS and contacts from intelligence (however, if your partner also enjoys Blackphone). Читать полностью -->

Russia may become the first country earn network 5G - Cell phones

Chinese manufacturer of Telecom equipment and smartphone Huawei announced that in cooperation with the Russian MegaFon started work on the creation of a nationwide cellular networks 5th generation. The first coverage 5G have the opportunity to earn in the Russian Federation by the world football Championship in 2018.Huawei and MegaFon promise that 5G networks will be possible to watch streaming video without waiting for buffering to decrease the load on the network and decrease the delay in signal transmission. The organizations agreed that the Experts MegaFon will be able for the first time to participate in the creation of standard communication and affect its technological features, on the basis of Russian realities. For its part, Huawei taking into account the recommendations of "MegaFon" test pilot equipment of the new standard on the network operator.It is planned that the testing 5G will begin in Russia in 2017 year and the beginning of the world Cup in 2018 will have several working areas of coverage in the cities, where the scheduled matches. It will be possible two years before the planned implementation period 5G in other countries, which industry experts expect to see only in 2020.First, remember, Huawei has invested several million pounds in the research center of 5G networks in the UK, where their deployment is expected by 2022. On the Islands of Japan and South Korea, where innovative cellular networks often appear in the 1st and foremost, the introduction of 5G is expected in 2020 year.. Читать полностью -->

Browse wireless headsets AfterShokz Bluez 2: keeping your ears open - Cell phones

Wireless stereo headset AfterShokz Bluez 2 is not user provides a barrier from the outside world, and, leaving the ear open, transmits sound vibrations through the skull bone directly to the inner ear. My impressions of this unusual device is ready to share the News. High-tech.The product range of the American organization AfterShokz wireless stereo headset Bluez 2 is not the first device, which was found using the bone conduction technology. During the last period of time, most mentions of it was connected with such worn gadget, Google Glass. However, this technology is not new and was already noted in some other extravagant solutions. For example, in 2007 the Korean Company Pantech has built into their phones-" clamshell" KDDI A1407PT special dynamics that allowed you to hear calls through the bones of the skull.To test the existence of bone conduction is very easy. Читать полностью -->

The first update iOS 8 was "full of holes" - Cell phones

The company Apple has released the first update of the operating system iOS 8. In the new release have been corrected certain errors associated with support for third-party keyboards and connect to a cellular network, improves stability and improved overall performance of the OS. in addition, from the App store now you can download the software compatible with the new application "Health".The full list of changes is as follows:Program HealthKit now have the opportunity to be available in the App Store.- Fixed bug with disabling third-party keyboards when entering your user password.- Fixed bug preventing access code to the photos library.- Improved reliability of Access on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.- Fixed a bug that could cause unexpected use cellular data when receiving SMS and MMS messages.- Improved support for options "Request for purchase" for built-in shopping while using Family access.- Fixed a bug where the ringtone is not able to be restored from iCloud backups.- Fixed bug that prevents uploading photos and videos from Safari.To upgrade to version 8. 0. 1 Wi-Fi or via iTunes by connecting your device to the computer." The weight update is about 70 - 80 MB. To download the Update, go to "Settings" - "General" - "software Update".Supplemented: installing iOS 8. Читать полностью -->

People from Nokia make your own modular smartphone - Cell phones

Modular smartphone from Google with the name of Project Ara has been a lot of noise. No sooner had " smartphones-designers coming into the market, as they already have direct competitors. The draft smartphone Vsenn makes a promise to strengthen competition in an emerging market.Smartphones Project Ara required to enter the market in the coming year. At the same time, the Internet has announced the release of a new smartphone named Vsenn. Founded the former project Manager software Nokia X.If Project Ara is required to submit to the maximum available apparatus, Vsenn will play in the more expensive category. A new Electronic Device Firm analyzed in 590 dollars. Читать полностью -->

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