"the murderer of chamboko" from HP was more expensive than expected - Cell phones

Unverified information about the fact that the new 14-inch Windows laptop HP Stream will be sold at a sensational for this size screen price, directly competing with the traditionally cheap devices on Chrome OS from Google, did not materialize. The company has installed on it a half times higher price than expected - not $ 200, and 300.Remember, information about the new "leaked" on to the Network from the official online representative of the manufacturer in mid-August. HP Stream received 14-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and chetyrehjadernyj AMD A4 Micro-6400T with a frequency of 1, 6 GHz. RAM in the new 2 GB. On the built-in memory available to 32 gigabytes (should take into account that Windows 8 itself. 1 takes about 12 gigabytes). Читать полностью -->

Collector Apple will build a factory for the production of screens - Cell phones

Foxconn Technology Group, which is engaged in electronics Assembly for Apple and other IT companies, intends to invest about 2, 6 billion dollars in the construction of their plant for manufacture of screens in Taiwan. The project is expected to realize within two years.As stated by Bloomberg messenger Innolux (" daughter" Foxconn) Sophia Chen, the factory will produce displays For a single customer. For whom it is not reported. The company hopes to bring the equipment already in the beginning of winter, and the mass production of LCD panels to begin by the end of 2015.According to Chen, the plant will be built near Kaohsiung Science Park in southern Taiwan. Just Innolux will employ 2300 workers.I believe that the mysterious client organization is Apple. In China, Foxconn has long allocates whole factory under important customer, which is the Assembly of the iPhone and iPad.To protect supply failure and shortage of iPhones in the country, Apple is negotiating with partners receive exclusive access to their plants. Читать полностью -->

Wireless artificial eye will begin testing in humans - Cell phones

Australian scientists from Monash University in the coming year will begin clinical trials of the wireless bionic interface that will be able to transmit signals directly in the human brain, bypassing the optic nerve. So, the ambitious development will give the opportunity to observe the outlines of objects even totally blind people who have damaged not only the retina, and optic nerve - the channel through which signals from the eye are transmitted to the brain.Artificial eye, created by Australians, consists of 2 parts. The first is a tiny chip, which is implanted in the brain. The second external sensors that are able to make glasses with built-in digital cameras. The signals from the sensors to the chip (i.e., To the cells of the visual area of the cortex) are transmitted via a wireless connection directly, bypassing the retina and optic nerve.As expected, laboratory of bionic interface will begin in 2015. They will be carried out with the funds received from entrepreneur Mark Besana and Chancellor of Monash University Alan rip. Читать полностью -->

Review of the fitness bracelet Huawei TalkBand B1: and talk? - Cell phones

At the end of September in Russia started selling the first fitness bracelet, created in the organization Huawei. In addition to the typical for such a device functions, TalkBand B1 can serve as a wireless headset. News. The tech decided to test the usability of such a scenario in practice.Technical parametersScreen: 1.4 inch OLEDInterfaces: Bluetooth 3. 0, NFCCompatibility: Android 4. 0 and above, iOS 5. Читать полностью -->

Unusual Apple device found on the Internet representation FCC - Cell phones

On the Internet office of the Federal Commission of communications (FCC), the Agency which tests the unit for compliance with local laws - there was a document that describes a new Apple product. As can be seen in the illustration, the device has a rounded body, a USB port and the power button at the bottom.The device is compatible with iBeacon - positioning system indoor use, designed the Apple, but its purpose remains unclear. In the documents it is listed As "Apple iBeacon". The new product has successfully passed inspection by the FCC. As noted, for it needs a power supply with an output voltage of 5 volts and a frequency range of 2, 4 GHz (also used for Wi-Fi).Technology "microlocal", remember, was first presented at the Symposium WWDC in 2013, along with iOS 7. Because that appears in "the seven" support Bluetooth beacons, iBeacon is able to find the location of the person in the room with an accuracy of about 0.5 meter. Читать полностью -->

Overview of Bluetooth smart led lamp Luminous Smart Bulb - Cell phones

For led lamps are the future - they are not only more economical But also more eco-friendly than fluorescent. But what if, in addition to savings, the lighting element would give oversight of on-time, brightness and even light color? This is to make a "smart" led lamp with Bluetooth 4. 0 managed from a smartphone or tablet. Such gadgets released in the last few years most manufacturers, however cheap they aren't - For example, Philips Hue Lux is from 3 000 rubles. Summer LG has announced a similar light bulb price 35 000 won (about 33 us dollars), however, sales in Russia they are not. To us as the test got the device from an unknown Chinese manufacturer named Luminous Smart Bulb-1 290 price RUB.HowThe lamp comes in a simple cardboard box with a clear plastic insert. Читать полностью -->

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