Apple secretly bought the book service BookLamp - Cell phones

Apple seems to be preparing for upgrading to win a protracted war with Amazon in the market of electronic books. Anonymous sources told TechCrunch that the Company from Cupertino has acquired startup BookLamp, specialized on automatic analysis of books.The source told reporters that BookLamp extremely important for Apple because the Company wants to strengthen its place in the market of electronic literature. The main product BookLamp is a platform for automatic analysis of text the user has liked the books, following which it will be recommended to the reading of the most relevant works.After a request correspondents in Apple revealed the fact of agreement, however, to disclose any additional data would not. Sources in the organization stressed that the purchase sum amounted to about 10-15 million dollars.First of BookLamp led dialogues on sale with Amazon, but they did not succeed, in the end, Amazon chose to purchase a "social" book project GoodReads. The specialists underline that after the acquisition of BookLamp Apple may engage in active efforts to increase sales of e-books. New technology has the ability to be applied, for example, for the introduction of iBooks e-shop, which will have the ability to automatically recommend the works.BookLamp is actively engaged in the Analytics market e-books, predicting the likely value of sales of different works, the categorization of books and so forth. Читать полностью -->

Mysterious investor saved the photo-sharing site Twitpic from closed - Cell phones

Sensational photo-sharing site Twitpic reversed its closure. The service has found a buyer, but does not reveal who it is. Recall that the Firm was supposed to close on September 25. In Twitpic promise to reveal inforamtsiyu about the deal later, explaining that at the present time for false reasons are not able to disclose it.For a long time Twitpic was the most popular method to upload images to Twitter. The microblogging service was launched back in 2006, and the ability to upload photos has been added by the developers only in 2011. Since Twitter began to fight with third-party services.In 2012, support for third-party photo sharing was disabled, but Twitpic continued to be actively used in the unofficial app for Twitter. Читать полностью -->

The modular smartphones from Google has a new competitor - Cell phones

The first "modular" smartphones from Google code-named Project Ara will be available in the upcoming months. At the same time, the Finnish Firm Circular Devices decided to join the race for a new market segment, presenting his own project Puzzlephone.The device is designed so that its components can easily be repaired And replaced by more powerful ones. Puzzlephone consists of three modules. the 1st consists of a display, speakers, And frame. The second battery And additional electronic components. And finally, the third is the processor And camera.Once bought Puzzlephone, the user will have the ability to simply replace defective parts or to improve them more powerful modules without buying a whole new phone every year or two. Читать полностью -->

Apple has teamed up with IBM to promote iPhone and iPad in corporations - Cell phones

Apple has teamed up with former arch-rival, IBM for the sake of mutual attacks on the corporate market. To convince business users to switch to iPhone and iPad must be supplied Together with gadgets IBM software solutions in the field of security, big data and Analytics. The agreement was signed by the head of Apple, Tim cook and Ginny, Rometty, the CEO of IBM.Within IBM, for example, to sell to corporate customers iPhone and iPad with pre-installed business software developed in cooperation with Apple. The first applications of this kind will occur this fall, and in 2015 year will be even bigger. Just planned to develop about a hundred applications, and among them solutions for security analysis corporate data, and remote control devices.The organization promises to corporate consumers " a new category of business applications designed to increase the effectiveness of mobile work in most industries, including retail, healthcare, financial services, travel, telecommunications and insurance. All SOFTWARE developed in the framework of the proposal is to use cloud infrastructure IBM.In addition, Apple announced plans to introduce a new type of extended warranties and after-sales service devices Apple Care for Enterprise, implying a full-time support for IT departments of corporations and users.Remember, IBM in the first part of the eighties was a sworn rival Apple organization on the emerging market of personal computers and in the eyes of the then head of Apple, Steve jobs, was an almost evil Empire. Читать полностью -->

Iran will track every user of the Internet - Cell phones

Iran is known for its initiatives to limit freedom on the Internet, but they are concerned mostly just blocking certain web site. Now in the Islamic Republic want to go further, building a system of personal identification of each Internet user in the country."in the near future, all citizens who want to use the Internet, will be identified and will not be a single person online, whose identity we do not know," said the Minister of telecommunications Mahmud of Visi. How to work the system and when it will be launched, the official explained. So the government wants users no longer post or read unlawful material, because they will not be able to do it anonymously.The Iranian authorities have a hope to implement a "smart" automatically filters that will clean from the Network any unlawful content with the greatest speed. This system will be able to quickly remove the objectionable from the perspective of the Iranian government material without blocking the entire site.The system must be running for the last 10 months. Recall that even in 2012, the leadership of Iran was trying to build a system that makes authenticate all users connecting to the network from the Internet cafe and using public Wi-Fi. Читать полностью -->

Skype appeared translator for voice calls - Cell phones

Microsoft has launched a test version of the new Skype Translator. He brings to reality the dream of a lot of science fiction - with a new program users are able to communicate with each other in real time, hearing the automatic translation of speech to one another.Skype Translator currently works only on Windows 8. 1 and available only to those who zaregistrovala for the test. It is only available translation between English and Spanish, but soon there will be also support for German. In Microsoft plans include support Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and 2 main dialects of Chinese.Microsoft emphasizes that Skype Translator perceives all spoken words in a broader context. So, the more detailed proposals communicate with users, the more accurate the result is a translation. Читать полностью -->

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